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"Madonna" Mocks Blessed Mother, Prostrates Herself Before Auschwitz

August 15, 2009

In Poland, “Madonna” will mock the Blessed Mother of Jesus and then fall on her knees before the ‘Holocaust’ idol:

Madonna has upset some believers in devoutly Roman Catholic Poland by timing her Polish debut concert to coincide with the day when Christians mark the Virgin Mary’s ascension to heaven …

… As well as her Warsaw concert, the singer is also expected to pay a visit to the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in southern Poland where up to 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, perished during World War Two.

Madonna is a follower of the Kabbalah, a mystical strand of Judaism, though she is not Jewish and was raised as a Catholic.

But this is nothing in comparison to Pope JPII who during a visit to Poland mocked Calvary and knelt before Auschwitz saying, “I kneel at this Golgotha of the modern world.”

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