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Let He Who is Without a Double Mind Cast the First Vote

September 29, 2008

Let He Who is Without a Double Mind Cast the First Vote

By Craig Heimbichner

As the presidential (s)election circus flashes on screen in a perpetual hypnotic hype, we are seeing the predictable reactions of percipients on both the Left and Right—partisan zealotry and mindless support of the “party candidate” as though there were a substantial difference between the two death-oriented, war-mongering male prostitutes, McCain and Obama. But such is to be expected. The Group Mind has been tethered like a cow and ranges in an establishment pasture, thinking that the twin halves of the circle are somehow disconnected. Democrats and Republicans alike roam in this carefully circumscribed kabbalistic sphere, grazing in the sefirah of the day.

The induction of a Double Mind in the populace has been a masterstroke of the Cryptocracy. The herd behaves as though it truly believes there is a real choice available in this two-party system, never wondering why there isn’t a strong alternative third party available, just as the cow doesn’t seem to mind the limits of its grazing ground (except for the occasional jerk of the rope when the cud-chewing bovid ventures too far).

One of the recent manifestations of this controlled myopia has been—on the Right—the call by certain activist Catholics to have sacramental communion withheld from abortion-supporting politicians, and, by extension, the faithful who in turn vote for them. In other words, priests are being pressured to withhold giving communion to Democrats for their implicit or explicit support for the termination of life.

Notably absent, however, is a similar call to withhold communion from war-mongering politicians, and, by extension, the faithful who vote for them. War is patently a grand termination of life, but such in-your-face data appear to escape the above activists, who are quite agitated within their half of the grand grazing pasture as they stare across the grass into the eyes of their blinking bovine counterparts.

In fact if support for death-oriented politicians became the bar for advancing to communion each Sunday Mass, the pews would remain filled and the liturgy would proceed at a quick pace to its conclusion. Such is the triumph of the Double Mind in our day, and while the above example exposes the blind hypocrisy of the Right, the mirror mentality exists no less on the Left. Witness the support for Obama by antiwar protesters who have suddenly “not noticed” his endorsement of the recent slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan inflicted by this country’s armed forces. The spectacle on both Left and Right is a sick jest worthy of the Joker, a recently revived apropos pop-cultural symbol.

Like the two pillars of the Kabbalah, Mercy and Severity, the Left and Right continue to provide a framework upon which to scaffold “thought.” Here’s an interesting dream: what if voting were limited to those free of the duality imposed by the cultural controllers, con artists, and Cryptocrats channeling information to the populace?

Perhaps the voting booths would remain as empty as the confessional.

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Craig Heimbichner is the author of Blood on the Altar*DY0ao1&p_id=10009&xm=on&ppinc=product