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Progressive Judeomania, Part 2

June 29, 2011

Judaic Anti-Zionist Progressives, you’re making asses of yourselves with comments like this:

“… I have lost most of my remaining respect for [Rabbi Andy Bachman] after reading him denounce Allison Benedikt‘s writing her own hagaddah as a crime against the Jewish people by invoking the one true science, numerology. Who is he, Louis Farrakhan?”

Judaism, the religion Rabbi Bachman represents, is so rotten with numerology (Gematria) it’s difficult to imagine that anyone with even the most cursory understanding of the religion wouldn’t know this. And this remains true to this day, even in its ‘progressive,’ ‘Reform’ branch. Reform Rabbi Andy Bachman’s numerology: “The structure of the Seder is built on the number 4 (4 questions, 4 cups, 4 children)” is in itself proof of this.

So what sense is there to wheeling in Louis Farrakhan as a reference when Rabbi Bachman’s numerology stems directly from rabbinic Judaism’s very own, very rich numerology traditions? For anyone even wondering, it’s progressive tribal megalomania.

It matters not that Louis Farrakhan’s use of numerology is negligible compared to that of any given rabbi; facts be damned! Jack Ross needs a low point of reference to measure Reform Rabbi Andy Bachman‘s numerology against and that’s where the hated “Goy” Louis Farrakhan comes in; in other words, “Rabbi Bachman, you’re a ‘Jew,’ you should be living up to the progressive, ethical, lightsome, perfect standards of Judaism, not acting like those backwards ‘Goys’ with their backwards numerology.” What a laugh!

It’s pretty obvious that many of these people don’t know much about Judaism. They just know it must be super because it came from “The Jews”* and not from “the Goyim.”

Silly ruses like the above serve only to shelter precious Judaic egos from the self-reflection that is second-nature to non-Judaic people of the West; they shield the religion of Judaism from critical analysis that Christianity has been subject to for centuries. Judaism, even in its ‘progressive’ ‘Reform’ guise is saturated with backwards traditions including numerology, but none so backwards as its tribal megalomania.

Judaism, and “The Jews,” your enlightenment is centuries overdue. It used to be possible to hide this fact but since you’ve come to the forefront of the establishment, your business has become our business and we see clearly that the self-chosen ‘progressive’ emperor and arbiter of everything ‘democratic’ and ‘enlightened’ has no clothes.

*Actually, the origin of Judaism is the ancient pagan traditions of the East augmented by savage tribalism, extreme narcissism and paranoia–the distinct contribution of the rabbis–with all of this barely camouflaged by a paper-thin Biblical veneer.

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Progressive Judeomania

June 23, 2011

Gilad Atzmon: I guess that the difficulties involved in resolving the tension between the universal and the tribal explains why so many progressive Jews prefer to operate in intellectual, ideological and political exclusive ‘Jews only’ cells where these questions are never raised, never asked, and never answered.

Our project of following the progressive, Judaic anti-Zionist movement is ever interesting. It’s clear that for a lot of these people getting high and listening to Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead occupied more of their formative years than learning the actual teachings of their rabbi-following ancestors. I lost some time in my youth as well but still managed to learn the teachings of my Catholic ancestors, and later, to learn Judaic traditional teachings which is the foundation from which I write here.

Philip Weiss must have been too distracted from youth until present to learn about rabbinic Judaism, but not too distracted to not absorb the megalomania at its core, unless there’s some other way of accounting for him associating Benjamin Netanyahu’s barbaric rhetoric with Islam instead of the rabbinic Judaism passed down by Netanyahu’s grandfather Rabbi Natan Mileikowsky; or explicitly associating Catholicism with pedophilia (which Catholicism wholly condemns) rather than rabbinic Judaism which explicitly allows pedophilia in its most authoritative texts (See: Judaism Discovered, pp. 422-425, 436).

Does Phil perhaps think that just because The New York Times front page hasn’t reported the rampant pedophilia in the synagogues and yeshivas that it doesn’t exist? It’s fortunate for Phil that he hasn’t spent much time in the synagogue or perhaps he’d know from personal experience that the rabbis have granted themselves permission to rape children and contrived ‘moser’ laws forbidding victims from informing non-‘Jews’ about it. Apparently, The New York Times is obedient to the halakha of the ‘moser’ (how liberal!), but I digress.

Facts are no obstacle to actualized Judeomania, and no atrocity is terrible enough to sideline Judeomaniacal self-interest, even temporarily, which is why I emphatically say that I side with any person of Judaic ancestry who has put the savage tribalism of Judaism behind them and wishes to make repair for its ravages–in genuine benevolence–and why I will continue to critique the religion of Judaism in every guise it reinvents for its self-preservation.

As Zionism’s ugliness is increasingly manifest to the world, the sane of the world are increasingly voicing their disgust, thank God. But let no one be fooled that Zionism has ‘hijacked Judaism’ and that we need to ‘return to the ethical teachings of Judaism.’ There is no such thing. And if my opinion isn’t weighty enough, read what Thomas Jefferson wrote on the topic and keep it in mind when anyone tells you ‘its un-American to criticize a religion’ which strange unwritten law only seems to strictly apply to the religion most deserving of criticism.

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