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Research Leads: "Noahide" Yeshiva in Milwaukee Operating Under Guise of Catholic Seminary

August 11, 2010

New Catholic-Jewish center will continue scholar’s interfaith work

Key religious leaders kick off unique center for Catholic-Jewish studies at Sacred Heart

Bishop Richard Sklba’s remarks

Rev. Raúl Gomez’s remarks

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"The Haiti Disaster is Good for ‘The Jews’"

January 26, 2010

For counterfeit Israel it’s not helping that matters, but the image thereof. The work has hardly begun in Haiti but having accomplished their PR goals the Israelis are already on the long journey back to the Israeli state–mere miles from the humanitarian disaster in Gaza which they caused and where they do not offer aid.


Israel: “Haiti is a PR Win”

And the modern Hebrew language Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv is where the real scoop is often buried:

Mondoweiss: Israeli media consultant in Maariv: ‘The Haiti Disaster is Good for the Jews’

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