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SSPX Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay’s False Prophetess

June 24, 2012
Fellay-expelled SSPX priest Fr. Basilio Meramo and Archbishop Lefebvre’s friend Max Barret report an episode, largely unknown in the English-speaking world, of SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay’s devotion to a false visionary introduced to him by Fr. Philippe Lovey,  the son of the Sion lawyer and SSPX benefactor Roger Lovey who reportedly persuaded the Archbishop to consecrate Fr. Bernard Fellay a bishop in 1988 which Lefebvre had not originally planned to do.

Reportedly, Bp. Fellay unreservedly endorsed this false mystic and based decisions and policy on her ‘prophesies’ which reportedly appealed to vanity, telling of a heroic role for him in Church history (coincidentally, the same technique employed by the Vatican on Fellay supporters).

The expose of Fellay’s false visionary was covered up by the Fellay administration.

From Fr. Meramo:

From Max Barret:

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