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Fanatical Judaic Con Man, Bernard-Henry Lévy: same old scheme

August 1, 2012
‘Holocaust’ sophist, player of the Great Game, Bernard Henry ‘Lévy’ is angling for the overthrow and destruction of another nation in the path of the Greater ‘Israel’ delusion.

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 Fanatical Judaic Con Man Tells of Insider Role In NATO’s Purim Vengeance Against Libya


Fanatical Judaic Con Man Tells of Insider Role In NATO’s Purim Vengeance Against Libya

November 22, 2011
Holocaustian Megalomaniac, Bernard-Henri Levy likely overstates his role in setting up NATO’s Purim 5771 ritual vengeance against Libya, and understates his knowledge of the background of the terrorist “rebels” he hooked NATO up with.

This insufferable clown is pawned off as a “Philosopher;” a “French Intellectual” by ‘Noahide’ France’s overlords

My corrections to the following puff piece for this charlatan are interspersed:

French intellectual tells of insider role in Libya war

Dave Clark and Herve Rouach (AFP) – Nov 9, 2011

… That [Bernard-Henri] Levy played a role [in the Zionist takeover of Libya euphemized as] Kadhafi’s overthrow has been known since the first days of the [Zionist hostilities] in March, but the extent of his involvement was revealed this week in his new book on the war and in an interview with AFP.

He describes how … he met [terrorist] leaders in Benghazi and, on the basis of the briefest of meetings, decided to introduce them to Sarkozy.

With his trademark hand-made white shirts open to the chest, constant media appearances and celebrity lifestyle, Levy — or “BHL” as he is known in Paris — is [justifiably, but not often enough] mocked as a showman rather than a serious thinker [which he clearly is not].

He [claimed] that in March he had little idea who the men behind the rebel National Transitional Council were, having only talked briefly with its [known terrorist] leader [with Zionist intelligence agency ties] Mustafa Abdel Jalil, but he nevertheless decided France must support them [because they said they would support Counterfeit Israel].

“I don’t really know who Abdel Jalil is, but I know what a massacre is. I have seen many in by life,” [claimed] Levy, a [pseudo-]intellectual activist [instigator of Zionist atrocities] …

On March 5, Levy met leaders of the fledgling NTC in the hours after they formed the body to unite revolutionary forces against [Libya] …

Levy grabbed a satellite telephone and called Sarkozy.

“My plan is to bring a delegation from the council that was just formed to Paris … Would you agree to meet, personally, with this delegation?” he asked Sarkozy. “Of course,” the president replied, according to Levy’s book.

Five days later Levy brought a delegation to the Elysee. To general astonishment, France immediately recognised the rebel regime [suggesting that they already had the word on these spooks].

French and British diplomats worked swiftly to secure a UN resolution authorising force to [steal Libya’s resources and kill Libyan civilians while claiming to] protect Libyan civilians. On March 19 [Purim, on the rabbinic calendar, the same day of the rabbinic year that the 2003 assault on Iraq was launched] a salvo of US cruise missiles marked the start of a [Zionist] bombing campaign.

But Levy’s role was not over. He made more trips to Libya, visiting rebels in the Djebel Nafusa highlands and the besieged port of Misrata, and arranging more high-wire [gunboat] diplomacy.

He introduced CNT military leader Abdel Fatah Younes to Sarkozy in midnight talks in Paris on April 13. France sent military trainers and large quantities of weapons to the front, turning the course of the [attempted takeover].

[Levy’s] role was shifting. He had become a player in the [hostilities], helping the rebels draft public statements and attending talks between Younes and Sarkozy in which strategy and weapons drops were discussed in detail …
Full uncorrected puff piece

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What Got Sprung on Libya?

‘Western’ Interest in ‘Arab Spring’ is, inter alia, about Sending Arab Children to the Guilt Chambers

“Operation Mermaid Dawn”

"Operation Mermaid Dawn"

September 1, 2011
The perpetual Purim Spiel of Judaism and its worship of the goddess with ten thousand names is a production on a massive scale.

“Venus Rising From the Sea”

“The Birth of Venus” (Note the mermaid appearance of the legs and feet splayed out in the shape of a mermaid’s tail fin)

Like “Operation Desert Storm” with its ‘Shock and Awe’ doctrine, a phonetic allusion to the ‘Shekinah’ of rabbinic Judaism, “Operation Mermaid Dawn” was launched on the same day of the rabbinic calendar, Purim, the rabbinic day of vengeance, based in the book of Esther.

According to Dr. David S. Dockery:

“Esther” is probably derived from the Persian word stara, meaning star. Some scholars have related it to “Ishtar,” the Akkadian goddess associated with the planet Venus. (Holman Concise Bible Commentary, p.190)

In the genocidal Zohar, “Esther” is interpreted as the “Shekinah,” the female counterpart of the male En Sof of the pagan hermaphrodite god of Judaism. To falsely maintain prestige as ‘God fearing’ ‘people of the book;’ alleged ‘descendants of Abraham’ who Christians should honor as ‘elder brothers in the faith,’ for obvious reasons the rabbis and their followers have tightly guarded this aspect of their religion:

For [rabbinic] mysticism, the greater the treasure [or shonda!], the greater the blockades to reaching it. The pardes or mystical garden in which the ‘there is’ (yesh) might be encountered, is heavily gated. For this tradition, especially in the late twelfth- or early thirteenth century, additions to the Zohar (see Ra’ya Mehemna and Tikkunei Zohar), the obvious obstacles to a theological reading of Esther become portals onto a mystical book of hiding. In them both Esther and the King are manifestations of the divine. Esther is adorned as Shekinah, divine presence, coupled with the k/King in the palace garden/Garden of Eden, signifying the end of exile. (The book of hiding: gender, ethnicity, annihilation, and Esther, Timothy Kandler Beal, p.140)

The goddess has traditionally had a strong presence in the cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean region evidenced by Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” (commissioned by the Medici banking predators and subverts of the Vatican). The prime benefactors of the the “Stella Maris,” “Our Lady of Victory” were the banking plunderers of Venice and their puppets in the Venetian Senate*. I don’t believe it a stretch to see the same old psychodrama being orchestrated once again in “Operation Mermaid Dawn” just across the Mediterranean in Libya.

Haven’t Christians had enough of these bloody schemes to get them invested in securing “The Holy Land?”

*“Non virtus, non arma, non duces, sed Maria Rosari, victores nos fecit.” This endorsement of Marian devotion from the Venetian Senate carries about as much weight as the words of Zionist banker’s puppets Newt Gingrich, Nancy Pelosi, et al with this author.

What Got Sprung on Libya?

August 28, 2011

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‘Western’ Interest in ‘Arab Spring’ is, inter alia, about Sending Arab Children to the Guilt Chambers

August 23, 2011

“Now that the Arab masses are applying the universal lessons of democracy, human rights and the rule of law in taking down their authoritarian governments, it is time they take back the learning of history, too. That includes teaching their children the universal lessons of the Holocaust.” (Robert Satloff, “Why Palestinians Should Learn About the Holocaust,” The New York Times, March 29, 2011)

My translation and corrections:

“I, Robert Satloff, Executive Director of AIPAC’s Kahal for Judaizing U.S. Foreign Policy which we deceptively call ‘Washington Institute for Near East Policy,’ don’t subscribe to universal rights and values myself but I invoke such concepts when speaking to the Goyim because they like that goyishe dreck.

“We’ve trained the Goyim to believe that ‘authoritarians’ are evil so we call the people we want them to hate ‘authoritarian’ so they won’t care when we send Goy armies to bomb and kill the ‘authoritarians’ and anyone within hundreds of miles of them. We launch our invasions of the ‘authoritarian’ nations on our day of vengeance, Purim so the shrewd Yidden know these wars are for us. The dumb Goyim don’t understand these things.

“Once the ‘authoritarians’ (whom we have oftentimes installed in the first place) are hung like Haman, we bring in ‘Democracy’ and by framing and controlling the discourse and selective distribution of funds we ‘democratically’ install another leader who will assert our self-chosen authority by proxy.

By character and literal assassination we eliminate opposition to our proxies by any intelligent, benevolent person who would represent the common good of the native population because that would be against our interest.

“This is where we spring our guilt chambers on the Arabs (get it? ‘Arab Spring’?). We can’t have Arabs thinking they are more persecuted than us as we bomb and shoot them and steal their land and resources so we’ll send them to the guilt chambers and then they’ll behave more like the stupid Americans who kill for us even as we heap trillions of dollars of debt upon them.

“Trillions in unpayable debt is another thing we’ll spring on those Arabs when the ‘authoritarians’ are gone. It will keep them docile, like the Americans, except when we want them to kill.

“We’ll spring ‘dialogue’ on them which means that we will authoritatively dictate our terms to them while striking insincere poses of mutual respect and understanding.

We’ll spring religious leaders on them who wear traditional garments but impose Holocaust guilt on them like we have done to those stupid Catholics. We’ll have the Arabs prostrating themselves before our holy Holocaust relics and, like the Catholics, they’ll be no trouble to us as we build our Jewish kingdom. Then we will marvel at how greatly Hashem has blessed us.”

Budget Crisis? There’s always billions for the U.S. to Police Libya and the Planet

March 25, 2011