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Madman’s Hava Megillah Caught on Camera

September 21, 2012
More Hava Megillah from  Netanyahu. Megillah is the talmudic tractate dealing with the the book of Esther and Purim, the rabbinic festival of intoxication, paranoia and vengeance which instructs the rabbinized West.

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Netanyahu: "The Rebbe said to me …" and to every ‘Jewish’ child from age 5

September 11, 2012
Chabad Lubavitch ‘Rebbe’ Menachem Mendel Schneerson:

“[Medieval Ashkenazic Talmudic ‘sage’] Rashi begins his commentary on the very first verse of the Torah … ‘In the beginning’ … it is the very first thing taught to a young Jewish child … the first thing one studies with a child … Rashi wrote his commentary for five year old children … Rashi comes and tells a five year old child: ‘You come into contact with non-Jews, and when they come to you and claim that you’re a thief; that you stole the land of Israel from the non-Jewish nations, do not invent your own responses but tell him the truth as stated in Torah: God recorded his mighty works in the Book of Genesis only in order to document the Jewish people’s right to the land of Israel.’ And since the Torah of Truth [that is, Rashi’s commentary on Genesis] tells you that this should be your response, there’s no doubt that in the end it will be effective.”

That Judaic children have been instilled with such megalomaniacal psychopathy at such a young age certainly explains much of what we witness in this era of Judaic ascendancy.

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The Death of American Democracy

June 26, 2011

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May 26, 2011

Netanyahu Mocks the World

June 14, 2010

Israel’s inquiry into the flotilla raid, to be called the Independent Public Commission, will be led by a retired Israeli Supreme Court justice, Jacob Turkel. It will include two Israeli experts in international law and two foreign observers — Lord David Trimble, a Nobel Peace laureate from Northern Ireland, and Brig. Gen. Ken Watkin, former judge advocate general of the Canadian Forces — whose inclusion is intended to add credibility to the inquiry and to secure foreign support for it. In Washington, the White House press secretary issued a statement hailing the Israeli announcement as an “important step forward.” The statement added that “the structure and terms of reference of Israel’s proposed independent public commission can meet the standard of a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation,” … (“Israel Backs Panel to Examine Raid,” Isabel Kershner, June 13, 2010, The New York Times)

[Jacob] Terkel served as [an Israeli] Supreme Court justice from 1995 until his retirement in 2005 and during those 10 years often took minority positions … including his opposition to the conviction of Rabbi Ido Elba, who penned a halakhic ruling that supported the killing of non-Jews. The ruling appeared in a biography of Baruch Goldstein, who perpetrated the Tomb of the Patriarchs massacre in 1994. (“Just who will be looking into the Gaza flotilla matter?” Ben Hartman, June 15, 2010, Jerusalem Post

Orangeman, David Trimble marching through a Catholic neighborhood in occupied Northern Ireland in 1995

When the historical archive of David Trimble’s political life is assembled, the infamous Drumcree sequence will reemerge in all its irony. It was just a decade ago and there he was sharing the moment of Orange triumphalism with Ian Paisley. Hand in hand, they jigged along before the cheering crowds, having once again forced the march down Garvaghy Road.

Behind them was a Catholic community outraged and bullied into submission by a massive security force presence. Both Trimble and Paisley had instinctively recognised that day how significant for the Orange supremacy ethos Drumcree was, and both were determined to be visibly part of it all. (“Trimble’s Road to Nowhere,” Tom McGurk, Sunday, May 08, 2005, The Post.IE)

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Netanyahu’s ‘Justice’ Minister: Talmudic Law Should Be Binding In Israeli State

December 10, 2009

Israel’s Justice Minister: Jewish Law Should be Binding

By Yair Ettinger – Haaretz

December 8, 2009

Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman on Monday said he believes Jewish law (Halakha) should be the binding law in Israel, Army Radio reported.

“Step by step, we will bestow upon the citizens of Israel the laws of the Torah and we will turn Halakha into the binding law of the nation,” said Neeman at a Jewish law convention at the Regency hotel in Jerusalem, in the presence of many rabbis and rabbinical judges.

“We must bring back the heritage of our fathers to the nation of Israel,” Neeman said. “The Torah has the complete solution to all of the questions we are dealing with,” he added.

However, Neeman’s statements during the conference were received with applauds from participants, among them Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Other guests at the event included Likud MK Yisrael Katz, Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger.

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