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This Week in Novus Ordo ‘Holocaust Denial’ Anathemas

May 18, 2012

“… negation of the Shoah, … is a position that has no place in the Catholic Church. It is very clear … The Holy Father has spoken clearly about this position of Williamson, that it’s not possible, there is no place for deniers in the Catholic Church.” (“Catholics must accept Vatican II, including on Judaism, Cardinal says,” Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service, May 17, 2012)

Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, sat in at the recent meeting of the “Bilateral Commission of the Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel and the ‘Holy’ See’s Commission for Religious Relations with ‘The Jews'” and “expressed joy at the continuity of its work as a blessing for both communities and for humanity.”

We documented that a speaker at this meeting, which Cardinal Koch would call a “blessing to humanity,” was former chief economist of the bank of ‘Israel’ Rabbi Dr. Meir Tamari who strongly upholds the teaching of Orthodox Judaism that ‘Jews’ should receive interest-free loans while non-‘Jews’ should pay usury on loans HERE.

People, wake up. Submission to ‘The Holocaust’ can’t save anyone’s soul. Usury imposed according to a racial double-standard is not a blessing to humanity. These are curses of the worst kind. Anyone with the most minimal understanding of the Gospel and sense of temporal and spiritual self-preservation would run from this as fast as them legs could take them.

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‘Holocaust Survivors’ who Tell the Truth

April 23, 2012

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Bishop Williamson Contra Mundum

October 20, 2011

Bishop Williamson Contra Mundum

Pope John Paul II: Auschwitz "The Golgotha of the Modern World"

October 19, 2011
Rabbi-Blessed Pope John Paul II kneeling at “The Death Wall” at Auschwitz, June 1, 1979

“Auschwitz, along with so many other concentration camps, remains the horribly eloquent symbol of the effects of totalitarianism. It is our duty to make a pilgrimage to these places, in mind and heart, on this 50th anniversary. As I said at the Mass celebrated in 1979 at Brzezinka near Auschwitz: ‘I kneel at this Golgotha of the modern world.‘”(Message of John Paul II on 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe, May 8, 1995)

In this outrageous statement the Pope was reaffirming the earlier proclamation of Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum who said, “The Golgotha of modern man is Auschwitz.”

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At Auschwitz, Future U.S. Military Leaders Learn to Hate

August 11, 2011

Just thinking out loud … that angry fellow pictured below appears to have strong Breivik potential, not by nature, but by conditioning; through those ‘Holocaust’ headphones for instance. How fortunate for counterfeit Israel that as a military leader he’ll have access to astronomically greater killing resources and kosher-approved human targets to slaughter than Anders Breveik.

Witness the technique and operation of the guilt chambers by which men and women of European, Christian ancestry are transmuted into anti-Christ, Zionist golems.

Military academy students, from left to right, Kelly Laurent, Mollie Hebda and Ian Cameron, learn to hate at Auschwitz.

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Rabbi, "Holocaust Scholar" Kosher Stamps John Paul II Beatification

January 17, 2011

Rabbi Michael Berenbaum’s “Holocaust” fundamentalist absolutism stands to benefit greatly from a JPII beatification.

“As I observe young people in relativistic societies seeking an absolute for morals and values, they now can view the Holocaust as the transcendental move away from the relativistic, and up into the absolute where the Holocaust confronts absolute Evil [=Nazism] and thus find fundamental values.” (Rabbi Michael Berenbaum, speaking at Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust, January 26-28, 2000)

As I said at the Mass celebrated in 1979 at Brzezinka near Auschwitz: “I kneel at this Golgotha of the modern world” (Pope John Paul II)

Holocaust scholar pays tribute to Pope John Paul

Catholic World News
January 17, 2011

Michael Berenbaum, a rabbi and Holocaust scholar, has praised the Vatican announcement of Pope John Paul II’s beatification.

“Jews have no right to register an opinion on whom the Roman Catholic Church beautifies [sic] and whom it considers a saint,” he writes. “Nevertheless, this has not stopped us from asserting our disapproval of the efforts to canonize Pope Pius XII, the man who served as Pope during the Holocaust.”

“Though I have no vote,” he concludes, “were I to have [a] vote, I would be honored to consider Pope John Paul II a saint, not a saint without flaws, or human fallibility but a saint nevertheless.”

German is beaten for daring to question a “Holocaust survivor”

December 28, 2010


German is beaten for daring to question a “Holocaust survivor”

From "’Holocaust’ Denial" to Holocaustolatry

August 27, 2010

A reader kindly forwarded this:

“American Muslim Leaders” worship at the Dachau idol, August 2010

From The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law website:

The unusual visit to the Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps by a delegation of eight American Muslim leaders at the behest of Catholic University law school professor Marshall Breger has gathered a great deal of media interest so far.

The excursion, which ran from Aug. 8–Aug. 10, was intended to teach the group more about the Holocaust and by extension, to confront what Breger calls “growing Holocaust denial in the Muslim world.”
The Jewish Daily Forward accompanied the visitors. Its subsequent story and photographs stirred up interest up by other leading media outlets and blogs, including:

Fox News, Aug. 16
Israel Matzav, Aug. 18
JBlog Central, Aug. 18

The trip was co-sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a German think tank, and the Center for Interreligious Understanding, a New Jersey-based interfaith dialogue group.
Former Holocaust denier Yasir Qadhi, the dean of academics at Al Maghrib Institute in New Haven, Conn., said the trip was eye-opening.
“Anybody who is a Holocaust denier should deserve a free ticket to see Auschwitz and Birkenau,” he told the Jewish Daily Forward, “because seeing is just not the same as reading about it.”

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Vatican II Peritus: Because of "The Holocaust," Church Must Reinterpret Gospel

April 26, 2010

Fr. Gregory Baum, along with Frs. Ratzinger, De Lubac, Schillebeecks and Küng, was a Peritus (theological expert; advisor) at the Vatican II Council. The modernist theology of Auschwitz that he preaches is at least as pernicious as any other modernist error devastating the Church. Who will stand against it?

“… if the Church wants to clear itself of the anti-Jewish trends built into its teaching, a few marginal correctives won’t do. It must examine the very center of its proclamation and reinterpret the meaning of the gospel for our times … It was not until the holocaust of six million Jewish victims that some Christian theologians have been willing to face this question in a radical way … Auschwitz has a message that must be heard: it reveals an illness operative not on the margin of our civilization but at the heart of it, in the very best that we have inherited … It summons us to face up to the negative side of our religious and cultural heritage.” (Gregory Baum, ‘Introduction’, in Rosemary Ruether, Faith and Fratricide: The Theological Roots of Anti-Semitism, p.7)

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Defamation: Israeli Film on the ADL Protection Racket

January 27, 2010

The film titled Defamation by Israeli director Yoav Shamir is flawed in many ways but it’s important for the glimpse into the paranoia of Judaism it gives to outsiders. Despite the angle of the filmmaker, persecution paranoia is not a problem only for “secular” “Jews.” The rabbis and their followers have been teaching their children the “law of nature” that “Esau hates Jacob” for millennia. Abe Foxman only runs a larger, more high-tech ghetto than the rabbis of old.

While the filmmaker probes the “antisemitism” delusion, he cannot bring himself to contemplate the role which “antisemitism” paranoia has played in shaping the “Holocaust” “narrative” as it has come to be canonized, much less question any of the specific “Holocaust” claims to which the film makes reference–for instance, the Soviet wartime propaganda claim that, in the space of two days, 30,000 “Jews” dug their own grave and then waited to be shot to death at Babi Yar, an incredible tale unsupported by any material evidence. The claim that the evidence of such a massive crime could be entirely erased is even more incredible than the tale of the alleged crime itself.

And, the ADL is only one of a myriad of organizations which serve the same ends.

This film only scratches the surface of the delusion of Judaism’s persecution complex, but it’s a start.

Defamation (2009)