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Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s Secret to (Worldly) Success

February 18, 2012

“… even though the Shoah [“The Holocaust”] belongs uniquely to the Jewish people, to remember it is the duty of all humanity.

“To forget [‘The Holocaust’] is disastrous, dangerous, and heretical.”

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan put on the ‘Holocaust’ headphones at his [requisite to advancement] pilgrimage to counterfeit Israel’s Yad Vashem ‘Holocaust’ ‘museum’ on January 30, 2011. He left his raucous guffaws, inane jokes and cheese hat at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. At Yad Vashem’s ‘Hall of Names’ we witness a display of seriousness and devotion from Dolan perhaps even more extreme than his irreverence and clownishness at the most sanctified Christian times and places. Dolan offers us a jarring study in contrast. This depraved example from Dolan inculcates the same depravity in his followers.

On January 30, 2011, following Hasidic tradition, an uncharacteristically pious and serious Timothy Dolan puts his “kvitel” (intentional prayer) in a crack of ‘The Wailing Wall’ in counterfeit Jerusalem, which in all likelihood is not part of the Temple which Jesus foretold would be destroyed to the degree that not even one stone would be left standing on another (Matthew 24;22). Dolan and similar philorabbinic ‘Christians’ suggest by such ruses that there is some spiritual, religious presence to a place that Jesus said is desolate (Matthew 23;38-39).

On February 18, 2012, two weeks following Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s requisite public submission to Zionism and Holocaustolatry he is rewarded with a red hat. At the ceremony Dolan comments that red symbolizes unconditional love of the faith even unto shedding of blood. I have no doubt that Timothy Dolan would sooner shed blood for ‘The Holocaust’ than defend the Gospel that he and his brothers in the ‘Holocaust’ faith trample upon with impunity.

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An Observation

August 8, 2011

I haven’t written anything in over 3 weeks, yet my stock has gone up 70% according to Alexa and Blogger stats. I wonder what happened? Could it have something to do with ‘Templars,’ the number 22, bankers, the Zionist ginned-up ‘clash of civilizations‘?

Perhaps recent events and the pain they’re causing might lead the new synchromistics’ followers to sense that Shelby Downard, whose work these prophets of Baal and Asherah have seized upon and subverted, was correct in saying that the signs point to something terrible rather than the glorious ‘cosmic awakening’ they forecast.

Lest anyone be so deluded as to believe that these are only temporary ‘birth pangs’ of a wondrous ‘new age,’ I invite passersby to use the search function to review some of our unsexy discussion of similar ruses (‘dialogue,’ ‘Holocaust education,’ ‘Noahide’ initiation, etc.) which have bought these ‘suffering’ villains all the time they need to destroy us nearly unimpeded.

The Chilean Miner Rescue-Fatima Connection

October 22, 2010

On the topic of the by-the-numbers job in Chile last week which seemed calculated to bolster the Fatima cult, I have one piece of information that the synchromystics left out. The mining town of Copiapo, Chile where the Oct. 13, 2010 rescue was staged happens to be the location of the earliest modern reporting of a UFO sighting, which in the scheme of things seems fitting. See:


Benedict’s Magick Zionist Crusader Hat

December 5, 2009

Updated with comments, Dec. 6.

Benedict XVI at a canonization ceremony (of five) in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009 wearing a hexagram mitre

… with 11 stones on each side. Note the Templar crosses.

Credit to for this find.

Original photo sources:

At a canonization of five saints, Oct, 11, 2009, Benedict wore a mitre bearing large hexagrams and 11 stones on each side. Since the 16th century the hexagram 11, and 22 are highly significant in Lurianic Kabbalah. They have no strong significance in Catholicism that I am aware of. Also, his pallium has 6 Templar crosses on it.

This taken by itself is interesting to me at most. If Benedict was an orthodox pope I might overlook this suspicious almalgam of symbols. But let’s look at Benedict’s fruits.

On his watch, the rightly blackened legacy of the Templars–a violent group of Zionist international bankers with occult religious practices–was rehabilitated HERE and HERE.

Benedict was the major player in the rehabilitation of the rightly blackened image of the Zionist state shortly after its despicable 22 day-long rampage on Gaza HERE, HERE, HERE.

Benedict is, I think it’s fair to say, a compulsive proponent of so-called ‘dialogue,’ a Kabbalistic kind of sorcery utterly foreign to Catholicism also promoted by Kabbalists such as Rabbi Abraham Heschel and Martin Buber. Benedict has gone so far as to make ‘dialogue’ with ‘the elder brothers’ a religious mandate HERE.

His acts of approval of Kabbalist rabbis and their traditions are too many to list. He even gave a text written by the Kabbalist Jacob ben Asher the “Ba’al ha-Turim” (Master of the Pillars) as a gift during his NYC Passover Eve synagogue visit HERE.

These and the many, many other rotten fruits of Benedict XVI are far more troubling to me than some symbols on his vestments. But the fact that he does these things and also displays the relevant symbols is rather brazen in my opinion. He’s apparently attempting to sanctify these symbols by placing them in such a prominent place as a papal mitre during a canonization liturgy.

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