ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Thank you to the commenter who forwarded this:

Video: The Original ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

Short 1990 video.A C-SPAN analyst discussion on Israeli intelligence from 1990 discusses how other intelligence services refer to the Mossad.

Also see:

Michael Ledeen’s ISIS

The Hebrew Goddess


9 Responses to “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”

  1. hereisjorgebergoglio Says:

    an interesting take of what is & what could be…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    The so called Syrian opposition activist Kamal Al-Labwani,former top leader of the so called opposition,calls ISIS “a small problem”,the same ISIS that the world leaders are preparing a coalition against.And that”many of those who have joined the ranks of IS did so for economic reasons.If the economy in Syria improved ,many of them would leave IS”.Ha,ha.Such are the potential future leaders of Syria.Really,the world now is a big scene with an unimaginable scenarios in play for a public considered brain dead.,7340,L-4573065,00.html

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Maurice Pinay – thank you thank you for the link to the Hebrew Goddess book. That explains so much! I am hugely grateful for the work you do. God bless you.

  4. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Thank you for generous words.

    I should take this as an opportunity to reemphasize that such a reference to a work here should not be interpreted as wholesale agreement with its author's ideas. Primarily it's the data, rather than the author's interpretation, that I recommend in such a reference. The Hebrew Goddess would more accurately be titled the Kabbalistic Goddess.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yes thank you for the clarification but I have the video set by the protestant guy from Omni Christian on the Kabbalah – the four VHS set they used to sell; and while he was linking the interest in Buddhism and Hinduism, the obsession that dyed-in-the-wool liberals in the Pacific Northwest chronically show in “the goddess” never made sense to me without seeing that book. It just really put a lot of pieces together, even reading the summary. Thank you again.

  6. annely Says:

    Allam the Zionists wasn't converted very good or very long. He quit the Church saying it was too weak.

  7. annely Says:

    …said the Church too weak against Islam…

  8. viterbo Says:

    @Maurice. Yeah, I've read it. In freemasonry and its outer courts, this title of the devil-in-drag is the supreme one. The work of Apuleius – 'Golden Ass' – refers to this and is taught in such 'schools' of 'western' thought.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Israelis are everywhere:

    Anthony Reuben, BBC journalist serving Israel

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