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‘Frankfurt School’ ‘secular Humanist Jew’ Erich Fromm: "Chabad Rabbi influenced my life more than any other man"

September 29, 2014
So much ‘right,’ ‘nationalist,’ ‘anti-Zionist,’ ‘Christian’ ‘exposé’ of the ‘Frankfurt School’ and so much silence on this fundamental information, that a rabbi of anti-Christ, master-race Chabad Judaism was the most influential figure in Erich Fromm’s life. There can be no true understanding of the ‘Frankfurt School’ war on the West without this information.

‘Secular Humanist Jew’ of the ‘Frankfurt School,’ Erich Fromm:

I was [Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch] Rabinkow’s student for about five or six years and, if I remember correctly, I visited him at that time almost daily. The bulk of the time was occupied studying Talmud, the rest with studying certain philosophical writings of Maimonides, the Schneur Salman’s Tanya, Weiss’s Jewish History and a discussion of sociological problems. He took great interest and was very helpful in my doctoral dissertation. Rabinkow influenced my life more than any other man, perhaps, and although in different forms and concepts, his ideas have remained alive in me. 


Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch Rabinkow. 


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Chagall’s Chabad background

“If you’re brought up a Jew, you know that all non-Jews are anti-Semitic.”

September 29, 2014

“All non-Jews are anti-Semitic.”

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Rabbinic guidelines for kosher execution of ‘Kapparot’ voodoo sin chicken ritual

September 29, 2014
Rabbinic guidelines for the ‘humane’ transfer of ones sins to a chicken by swinging it overhead and then sacrificing it in a deal with Satan by slitting its throat; a ritual commonly, believed by the dumb goyim to be ‘not approved by the rabbis.’ The dumb goyim also believe that this chicken, once filled with Judaic sins, is then given to some poor schmuck to eat as an ‘act of charity.’


Kol Korei About Kapporos Signed By Gedolim Is Issued By Agudath Israel Of America


Majority of Israelis believe ‘Israel’ should use atomic bombs against ISIS

September 23, 2014

Berlusconi: “I cannot reveal my source, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that at this moment, the majority of Israelis believe Israel should defend itself with the atomic bomb.”

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ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

September 20, 2014
Thank you to the commenter who forwarded this:

Video: The Original ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

Short 1990 video.A C-SPAN analyst discussion on Israeli intelligence from 1990 discusses how other intelligence services refer to the Mossad.

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It bears repeating: 9-11 is still Purim for Goys

September 11, 2014
God save us from this perpetual Purim spiel; this ‘Noahide’ techno-ghetto that has coopted the West; this rabbinic protection racket; this synagogue and state tyranny. Save us from Judaism.

9-11 is Purim for Goys

Bernard Henri Levy tells of his role in Purim destruction of Libya and setup of ‘Islamic’ terrorists that have since moved to Syria and Iraq and are now called ISIS

ISIS: Haman/Amalek 2014

Palestinian Parody of ISIS

September 9, 2014
Please watch until the end

Another mass grave discovered, evidence of 1948 Judaic holocaust by bullets, knives and bludgeons against Palestinians

September 4, 2014
Report starts at 0:44 seconds:

Former Israeli Chief Rabbi Meir Lau’s lying ‘Holocaust’ tale

September 3, 2014
Lies from an authoritative representative of a religion of lies:

Among Rabbi Lau’s wild lies is the lie that Germany declared war on Judaic children. In fact, ‘Judea’ loudly declared war on Germany in 1933:

And hundreds of lying claims of 6 million holocausted ‘Jews’ were being made starting decades before WWII and even WWI.

Judaism is a protection racket sustained by relentless victimhood tales and terrorism.

Sotloff ‘beheading’ video released by Rita Katz’ (SITE) fake intelligence outfit

September 3, 2014

June 2, 2011, Israeli citizen and journalist, Steven Sotloff (center with black helmet), working with pro-‘Israel’ terrorists in Lybia following NATO’s Purim air invasion. We’re now supposed to believe that these same terrorists cut his head off.

Fake intelligencer, Rita Katz is a ‘Baghdadi,’ a ‘Jew’ from Iraq, like the Sassoons, the intelligencers and opium wealth financiers of the Judeomasonic Brit-ish Empire; the root relationship that the Skull and Bones/CIA branches from. It’s not a ‘cosmic coincidence’ that the head of Counterfeit Israel’s terrorist “ISIS” army calls himself “al-Baghdadi.” Note that the word Hamas, the name of the Israeli-founded ‘Palestinian resistance movement,’ in Hebrew, means violence. They’re having a jest at the expense of the ignorant with these name games.



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