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The holocausted German intellect

July 31, 2014
Angela Merkel contemplates ‘the lessons of The Holocaust’

Judaic power groups have wailed accusations of ‘antisemitic’ words being uttered against ‘Jews’ in Berlin during a recent protest against the ongoing ‘Jewish state’ Gaza massacre. German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded with a powerful statement drawn heavily from advanced post-‘Holocaust’ philosophy: “These outbursts are an attack on freedom and tolerance … We cannot and will not tolerate this.”

While Angela Merkel’s intolerance for criticism of Judaic savagery in Gaza is clear enough, she seems to have an exceedingly high tolerance for Judaic savagery itself. Even the Judaic bombing of the entire family of a German citizen hasn’t surpassed Merkel’s threshold of tolerance for ‘Jewish state’ savagery. 

Truly, Angela Merkel has mastered ‘the lessons of The Holocaust.’

Riccardo Pacifici, beloved of recent popes, led violent attack on pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Rome

July 30, 2014

Novus Ordo Pope Benedict XVI at the entrance to the Synagogue of Rome in 2010 with the Judaic thug, Riccardo Pacifici. We wrote on this event HERE.

Riccardo Pacifici, a close friend of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, invited Israeli commandos for a feast in Italy in 2010 after they attacked a flotilla of aid workers destined for Gaza. Riccardo Pacifici called them “heroes” HERE.

Riccardo Pacifici himself led a violent assault on pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Rome this week:

Attacks on demonstrators in Rome

Stephanie Westbrook on July 27, 2014

… At this year’s annual April 25 march commemorating the liberation of Italy from Nazi-Fascism, Palestinians and Palestine solidarity activists gathered near the Colosseum to participate, as they have every year, bringing the voice of Palestine to this celebration of resistance against oppression. As they began to raise Palestinian flags, a group of roughly 40 members of the Jewish Community, led by the president Riccardo Pacifici, present with Israeli flags and those of the Jewish Brigade, also an annual occurrence, stormed and began physically attacking the activists. This time the police did intervene, though late and facing the victims of the aggression rather than the aggressors, allowing the attacks to continue! …

Despite a prior agreement with ANPI, the Italian Partisans Association, organizers of the march, for the participation of Palestine solidarity activists, ANPI, shamefully, chose to concede to the demands of the pro-Israel fanatics, who refused to allow the march to begin with Palestinian flags present. Police prevented the Palestinian solidarity activists from joining the march as it departed, though a large number of supporters stayed on and eventually marched together with the activists …

Miryam Marino of the Italian Network of Jews Against the Occupation observed that “the immeasurable Zionist violence that continues to move forward with its plan of genocide in Gaza, after killing over a dozen in the West Bank in recent weeks, is extending its reach to here in Rome, as thugs led by the President of the Rome Jewish Community, Riccardo Pacifici, who is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the criminals Netanyahu and Lieberman, target protesters who peacefully express their solidarity with the Palestinians under bombs.”

Pope Francis also has a “very warm and affectionate” relationship with the violent thug Riccardo Pacifici and both are involved with the ‘Noahide’ ‘Sant’Egidio’ organization:

Francis recalled the story of the Pacifici family, saved by the nuns during the Nazi persecution, says the president of the Jewish Community of Rome Riccardo Pacifici. “While I was leaving, the Pope called me back from the door and told me that he remembered the story that I had told him on my last visit last October”, said Pacifici, namely, that his grandmother and his father, Emanuele Pacifici, former president of the Jewish Community of Rome, had taken refuge with the nuns in Tuscany, thus escaping the Nazis. Pacifici spoke of a “very warm and affectionate” meeting with Pope Francis, to which he presented the representatives of the Jewish community. Then he stressed the “great friendship” with the [Noahide] community of Sant’Egidio [see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE] founded on “strong shared values [HERE]”

The Pope assured that he will pray for the three Israeli boys kidnapped in the West Bank. “The Pope will visit the synagogue in Rome” says Pacifici, at the end of a meeting with the pontiff in Sant’Egidio, in which the delegation of the Jewish community presented the pope with a formal letter of invitation.

Opium Traders and their Worlds

July 29, 2014
I would like to recommend the two volume work, Opium Traders and their Worlds by Mary Kienholz as key to a reality-based view of history and geopolitics.

For a current example, readers of this work might have some context for understanding why U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who (reportedly) descends from the family of the ‘Maharal’ Rabbi Judah Lowe on his father’s side and the Forbes opium dynasty (which intermarried with the Russell Skull and Bones founding family) on his mother’s side, was chosen to oversee the destruction of Palestinian sovereignty, the fragmentation of Ukraine, Syria, etc.

Volume One lays the groundwork for the growth of the opium trade and, perhaps more relevantly here, Volume Two focuses on how the massive wealth of the opium trade in the hands of Judaic religious fanatics (Sassoons, Rothchilds, etc), combined with, among other sources, the wealth of the usury trade, financed, among other things, the founding of Counterfeit Israel.

Both volumes are available as very affordable Kindle downloads.

Why does the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement (BDS) target fruit and seltzer machines?

July 29, 2014

Friends Of Palestine Rally in Perth, Western Australia

Israelis celebrate slaughter of children

July 28, 2014

Consider the extraordinary lengths which the Novus Ordo has gone to inculcate warm feelings of brotherhood towards these savages.

Israeli government funds Orthodox Judaism’s incitement to non-Judaic infanticide

July 28, 2014

[Israeli] government ministries regularly transfer support and funding to a yeshiva whose rabbi determined that it is permissible to kill gentile babies “because their presence assists murder, and there is reason to harm children if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us … it is permissible to harm the children of a leader in order to stop him from acting evilly … we have seen in the Halakha that even babies of gentiles who do not violate the seven Noahide laws, there is cause to kill them because of the future threat that will be caused if they are raised to be wicked people like their parents.”

Lior Yavne, who oversees research at the Yesh Din human rights organization, checked and found that in 2006-2007, the Ministry of Education department of Torah institutions transferred over a million shekels to the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in Yitzhar.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has allocated over 150,000 shekels to the yeshiva [between 2007 and 2009], scholarships for students with financial difficulties studying there. And what can they learn with the help of public funding from the head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira? According to selected items published last week in the media, the boys can learn that [Orthodox Judaic serial murderer Yaakov “Jack”] Teitel is not only innocent, but also a real saint.

Their spiritual leader stated in his book, “Torat Hamelekh” that “a national decision is not necessary in order to permit the shedding of blood of an evil kingdom. Even individuals from the afflicted kingdom can attack them.”

A brochure distributed in Judean and Samarian communities stated that “needless to say that nowhere in the book does it state that these remarks are aimed only at gentiles in ancient times.” (“Who is funding the rabbi who endorses killing gentile babies?,” Akiva Eldar, Haaretz, Nov. 17, 2009)

Israeli ‘Defense’ Minister joins Chabad in ritual for ‘security’ of IDF

July 27, 2014
The rabbis of Judaism who fancy themselves to be royalty by blood, send common ‘Jews’ to destroy ‘Amalek’ women and children for them so they can stay at yeshiva collecting welfare and various other fraud-based forms of income and study master-race Talmud and Kabbalah all day and not have to shave off their ‘holy’ beards like ‘Esau’ who shaves his beard with a razor because he “lives by the sword.”

In Counterfeit Israel, where there is no separation of Synagogue and state, we see the Israeli ‘Defense’ Minister join with Chabad in a ritual purported to give ‘security’ to common Judaic IDF soldiers as they exterminate Palestinian ‘Amalek’ much to the rabbis’ satisfaction.

From Chabad:

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon pens the first letter of a Torah scroll written for the security of the troops. To his left is the sofer, Rabbi Mordechai Lishner; on his right is Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Aharonov, director of the Chabad Youth Organization in Israel.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Aharonov, director of the Chabad Youth Organization in Israel, said during the ceremony: “We are assured that every soldier for whom a letter has been written in this special Torah will feel an added measure of security. In our tradition, the letters of the Torah are especially potent with regards to safety and security, and we felt it incumbent upon us to deploy this spiritual means of security for our troops.”

The defense minister then wrapped tefillin and recited a short prayer.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

Counterfeit Israel’s killing and blockade on care for critically wounded children

July 25, 2014

The Palestinian people who lived on the so-called "land without a people"

July 24, 2014

Netanyahu: Gaza Death Camp Operating "at Full Strength"

July 24, 2014
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Peres are both descendants of prestigious rabbinic families HERE and HERE, like so many other Israeli leaders. It’s time to start talking about the truth that their religious and cultural background has ‘paved the road’ to this latest of so many Israeli massacres which are amounting to genocide. Unlike WWII Germany, we won’t come up empty handed after decades of searching for evidence of genocidal intent. We have mountains of it already.