Dear Traditionalist

Pope St. Pius X did say that the synthesis of all heresies was modernism. If he was living today, perhaps he would recognize, and warn that the synthesis of all modernism (none of which is really new) is ‘Noahidism.’ 

8 Responses to “Dear Traditionalist”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I've never seen Noahidism discussed in any Traditionalist forum. Bishop Williamson issues a weekly bulletin that veers from being boring to very boring. He has never brought up this topic.

  2. Wer Wagt Gewinnt Says:

    Dear Anonymous @11:42AM, 29 June

    Aside from the resources available here and at Michael Hoffman's site a good primer on Noahide Laws and the one world false religion (see Deut 13:2-6 and 18:20-22; 2 Thess 2:10 among many other refrences, this is not a comprehensive list just want came to mind. I'm no Biblical scholar) is available at

    Part 1 of 2 —>

    Part 2 of 2 —>

    You may also search their main page under “Noahide” or other relevant terms

    The main site has much good reference material.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There is information about the Noahide laws on the Fisheaters website.

  4. Joe Shepherd Says:

    I've tried to bring this subject up in a traditionalist Catholic forum and my post was promptly deleted.

  5. ole Says:


    The Frenchman Pierre Hillard talks about it in Catholic circles.

  6. Maurice Pinay Says:

    “Fisheaters website”

    This site can be sifted for some useful information. The discussion forum, like most others is highly compromised.

  7. Wer Wagt Gewinnt Says:

    Please accept my apologies for not explicitly warning against the Fisheaters discussion forum. I mentioned the “main site” and “main page” but I should have mentioned the notorious ongoing scandal(s) at the forum.

    FYI-Should the site shut down, all of their main site material is available on

  8. Anne Says:

    There is a good background article on the subject published in THE ANGELUS, Feb. 2004, trans. from the French, titled “The Law of Noah: One World Religion?” It can be viewed in the magazine archives available gratis at angelusonline dot org.

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