Who is Pope Francis to Judge? The Pharisees’ front man, that’s who

‘Nonjudgemental’ Pope Francis casts judgement: “We even have those who deny the Holocaust, which is crazy.”

Here we see Pope Francis, like fellow liberal, progressive, enlightened, inclusive, nonjudgmental, and most of all, tolerant, ‘Holocaust’ usurer, Phil Weiss, summarily JUDGE those who ‘deny the Holocaust’ to be mentally insane and therefore fit to inhabit the furthest outer fringes, if not a solitary confinement cell or some European dungeon.

‘Nonjudgemental’ Pope Francis ‘humbly’ enables his bolshevik comrades to drive Israeli D-9 bulldozers over perennial Church doctrine and morality but where offenses against the purim spiel doctrine of Judaism are found, Francis casts unambiguous, harsh judgement.

The only authority Pope Francis has is that bestowed upon him by the Pharisees to lead the Christian flock into their jaws. Run for your temporal and spiritual lives away from him.

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