‘Gas Chamber’ ‘Miracles’ Abound

Putin is the latest inquisitor of Holocaustianity to criminalize disbelief in Yiddish tall tales such as the one below.

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The Reality of ‘The Holocaust’


9 Responses to “‘Gas Chamber’ ‘Miracles’ Abound”

  1. Alan Aversa Says:

    Are the Russian “Orthodox” not anti-Zionist? I know the Greek “Orthodox” are.

  2. MaryC Says:

    Personally, I think the Russian Orthordox, the Greek Orthordox and the Traditional Catholic, all have doubts about what passes for Christianity.

  3. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Are the Russian “Orthodox” not anti-Zionist?


  4. annely Says:

    2 Timothy 4:7.. ?

  5. Alan Aversa Says:

    Fr. Kramer makes a good point regarding the “Putin Signs Law Criminalizing Denial Of Nazi War Crimes” article:

    «Putin's main concern is the denial of the historical crimes committed against Russians by the Nazi invaders. One would really have to examine the actual text of the statute to determine whether it protects the propaganda of the “Holocaust Industry”. I don't think that is his intention.»

  6. Maurice Pinay Says:

    That's wishful thinking.

  7. Alan Aversa Says:

    How so?

  8. Maurice Pinay Says:


  9. Alan Aversa Says:

    Thanks. Then, yes, Fr. Kramer's is wishful thinking.

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