In ‘Sync’ with the Judeomasonic Establishment

In ‘Sync’ with the Judeomasonic Establishment

3 Responses to “In ‘Sync’ with the Judeomasonic Establishment”

  1. annely Says:

    dear Maurice Pinay, at the Noahide site: “Department of Homeland Security etc. following that other dispensational terror event, 9-11 2001”. In this context does dispensational mean something very specific or only, “at pace doling out”?

  2. Maurice Pinay Says:

    The clearest example of dispensation I have in mind is the historical event of Christ's Incarnation and sacrifice, He being God, had the authority to institute changes in covenant, law and ritual which had theological and philosophical implications.

    The rabbis, taking the place of God, attempt to mock this. We see Gregory Baum saying that “God has spoken through 'The Holocaust'” and “because of 'The Holocaust' event we must reinterpret the Gospel; Christians, not Jews, must convert.” He presumes Godlike authority in attempting to make such changes.

    Following Sandy Hook, Rabbi Praver said because of that event “everything must change.” At the Sandy Hook ecumenical service the following day Obama repeated this message saying “we must change” because of that event.

    They're mocking God's way of instituting change to institute changes that they want which people would likely not go along with without these monumental, terrorizing events to hinge those changes on.

  3. annely Says:

    I see. Thanks for responding. The Zio-“Christians” seem to be Dispensationalists. Their Jew friends sit about with them sharing theology and duplicity. Though it is generally claimed that the Scofield bible is the source of dispensationalism, I wondered if it is also or somewhat a Talmudic thing.

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