Judaism’s Inherent Anti-Gentile Paranoia and Hatred

Is it not insanity in the extreme that the Catholic Church has ended and apologized for it’s tradition of praying for the followers of Judaism to convert away from their master-race traditions of hatred and paranoia? And worse, congratulated them for adhering to their hate tradition and recommended that Christians learn from them.

It seems to me that reform and apologies are due from the keepers of the blood libelous hate tradition illustrated below:

… the fear of getting beat up doesn’t bother me that much. Having fear does. It is a confirmation of the fearfulness that I was educated in as a young boy in yeshiva. 

In seventh grade, we read the book of Genesis and covered the four words that have since been drilled into our heads: “Esav sonei es Yaakov” or Esau hates Jacob. These words set us up for years of fear. In the teacher’s telling, Esau was the father of Christianity. Historical inaccuracies aside, we were made to believe that all white men descended from him. And so, according to this Old Testament principal, white men throughout history will always hate us 

My 11th grade rabbi gave a Friday morning sermon based around a latter-day midrash that said it was a miracle every time a gentile passed us by and didn’t beat us up. (Eli Reiter, “Losing in the ‘Knockout’ Game,” Forward, January 08, 2014)


4 Responses to “Judaism’s Inherent Anti-Gentile Paranoia and Hatred”

  1. Mark Smith Says:

    This underscores an important point about psychiatry. The Master Race paranoia, neurosis, and sociopathic hatred that Freud observed in his primarily Judaic clientele cannot be generalized to the normal population.

    What an irony that the experts in psychopathologizing the decent people who resist their creed and behavior are the ones most mentally (and spiritually) diseased.

  2. Fada do Bosque Says:


  3. Maurice Pinay Says:

    My my, are you a 'father in the faith' or one of their 'Noahides'?

  4. annely Says:

    I will pray for you Fada do Bosque +

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