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The Tyranny of ‘Jewish Universalism’ According to the Codifier of Judaism, Moses Maimonides

January 27, 2014
If you believe the maniacally disproportionate vengeance meted out by Counterfeit Israel is anything but entirely consistent with “the enlightened teachings of Jewish Universalism,” you’ve been horribly deceived. According to the most authoritative talmudic sage, Moses Maimonides, ‘Jewish universalism’ i.e. ‘Noahide law’ dictates that an entire city should be wiped out because of the wrongdoing of only one of its inhabitants.

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Counterfeit Israel says that to all the nations

January 27, 2014
You believe your nation has a “special relationship” with “Israel?”


“… the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her …”

‘Holocaust’ Proselytism in Asia

January 26, 2014
NY Times: “Raising Asian Awareness of the Holocaust”

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Counterfeit Israel’s Counterfeit Jesus

January 23, 2014

Jesus was not born of Turkic-Khazar-Mongol stock and neither did His teachings develop in 13th century Eastern Europe as is the case for most so-called “Jews” of today’s Counterfeit Israel, but that’s what Counterfeit Israel claims as it seizes hold of and attempts to alchemically transmute the true Messiah of true Israel, which it entirely rejects, into a golem to serve in our destruction. Pope Francis is the rabbis’ apprentice in this effort.


Counterfeit Israel’s Counterfeit Jesus

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“… anti-Judaism does not have roots in the New Testament if it is read correctly.”

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Widow of Slaughtered Mennonite Speaks

January 18, 2014
Wife of Slaughtered Mennonite Speaks

This is the ‘Esau’ ‘race’ and religion that the rabbis teach is hell bent on genociding ‘The Jews.’ Maryann Kauffman’s Christlike forbearance and forgiveness is entirely alien to hateful, vengeful, antiChrist Judaism and its lower-tier servant sects; Holocaustianity, et al, that Judas goat ‘Christian’ leaders are drawing us towards.

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Pope Francis’ New Rabbi-approved IOR Vatican Bank Commission

January 18, 2014
Perhaps B’nai B’rith-approved Cardinal Schoenborn, in keeping with his family tradition, will contract the Munkacs Hasids to run the Vatican “Institute for the Works of Religion” usury bank for him.

Perhaps ‘Holocaust’ Judas goat Cardinal Tauran will seek council from his antiChrist, anti-goyite father in the faith, Rabbi Yona Metzger.

B’nai B’rith-approved ‘Holocaust’ Judas goat Cardinal Thomas Collins.

‘Holocaust’ Judas goat Cardinal Santos Abril y Castello.

AJC-approved Archbishop Pietro Parolin.

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New members of the Vatican bank cardinals’ commission named

Vatican City, Jan 16, 2014 / 10:17 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for the Works of Religion, or “Vatican bank”, were named on Wednesday; of the five existing members, only one was confirmed in his post.

The five current members are Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, Archbishop of Vienna; Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto; Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; Cardinal Santos Abril y Castello, Archpriest of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major; and Archbishop Pietro Parolin, secretary of state.

Cardinal Tauran is the only member of the old commission to have been confirmed in his post. Pope Francis’ decision to appoint the new commission marks a new era for the Vatican bank.

The cardinals’ commission convenes at least bi-annually, and oversees the Vatican bank’s compliance with its statutory norms, according to the manner provided for in its by-laws. It is charged with drawing up a report into the juridical standing and activities of the institution.

The commission no longer includes the president of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, as it had in its two previous mandates, as a result of the Vatican’s adoption of international standards for financial transparency and anti-money laundering efforts.

According to these standards, it is important to make a clear distinction among each of the Vatican institutions involved with financial issues, in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Thus a public authority such as the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See cannot be included in a financial institution such as the Vatican bank.

Pope Francis’ appointments to the commission continue the campaign of financial transparency for the Vatican which was initiated under his predecessor, Benedict XVI.

The commission had been renewed in February, 2013, and its five-year mandate was not set to expire until 2017. Pope Francis’ decision to appoint commission members so early thus signals his concern and attention to the Vatican bank.

Cardinal Abril y Castello is a long-time Vatican diplomat trusted by Pope Francis; he served as apostolic nuncio to Argentina from 2000 to 2003.

Vatican financial reform was begun in 2009, when the Holy See, under Benedict XVI, signed a monetary agreement with the European Union, and issued an anti-money laundering law the following year.

It underwent an evaluation by the Council of Europe’s Moneyval committee in 2011, after which it amended and improved its anti-money laundering law. In July, 2012 the Vatican received a generally positive evaluation from Moneyval.

Pope Francis has established a committee for financial security, and promulgated a law on Oct. 8 establishing a financial system taking into account the peculiarities of the Vatican City State.

Nazi soap buried at graveyard in Satmar Rebbe, Elie Wiesel and Shoah Theologian David Weiss Halivni’s home town

January 14, 2014 has found an old news article on a funeral for a bar of soap in Romania “with the solemnity of a regular funeral.” The article doesn’t specify which Romanian soap funeral it refers to (another pictured HERE).

The claim that soap was made from dead ‘Jews’ is one bit of WWII allied atrocity propaganda and yiddish persecution mythology which was eventually abandoned by the ‘Holocaust’ establishment, but not the most pious Holocaustians.

This entry highlights the Nazi soap buried at a graveyard in Sighet, Romania, near the grave of Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Teitelbaum, the grandfather of the Satmar Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum. Sighet is the home town of ‘Shoah’ huckster Elie Wiesel, ‘Shoah’ theologian David Weiss Halivni’ and the Rebbe of the criminal Satmar mob who all attended the same heder (school where children are indoctrinated into lying, thieving, racial supremacist, anti-goyite Judaism).

Elie Wiesel at the Sighet ‘soap monument,’ where Nazi soap was buried according to traditional Judaic ritual. Book your pilgrimage today
The graveyard at nearby Satu Mare, where the Satmar sect was formed, also has soap graves.

Some history on these privileged, yet hateful, superstitious ‘Jews:’

The Sathmarer Jews were involved in trade and industry. In 1842 the settling of the Jews was allowed in the town of Satu Mare. The first families set in town were Grosz, Borghida, Spitz, Daniel, Steinberger, Kesztenbaum, Trebics, Farkas, Klein, Freud. In the same year it was formed the first Jewish community in town, and the first synagogue was built between 1852 and 1858 on the Decebal street. Later, the present Great Synagogue was built in its place, featuring 850 seats. The architecture copied the synagogues from Oradea and Dej. 

Starting to 1867, according to the new legislature that allowed the emancipation of the Jews, they were allowed to buy and trade real estates. The way of purchasing large agricultural lands was opened. One of the biggest owners was Csengeri Mayer family from Cărăşeu. The prewar trade was flourishing being coordinated vastly by Jews through large and modern stores. The Jews contributed to the industrial development, to the economic growth of the county generally.

The Satu Mare’s industry was lead by Jews also, Freud- textile industry, Szabo and Reiter- Unio factory, brother Princz- enameled pots and machinery, Markovits- alcohol industry, and so on. In the first lines of the intelectual professions there were also Jews, most of them were doctors, lawyers, engineers.

In 1850, Satu Mare had 128 Jews, in 1880 there were 2,855, in 1910 were 7,194, in 1941 were 12,960 out of a total of 52,048 inhabitants, being the fourth Transilvanian town with a great number of Jewish inhabitants.

There were 2 synagogues and 25 worship houses. In the town there were 2 Jewish communities: the Orthodox and the Status Quo Ante established in 1898. The Orthodox community had the following rabbis: Mandelbaum Benjamin 1842-1897, Grünwald Juda and Lazar 1897-1928 and Teitelbaum Joel 1934-1944. The community Status Quo Ante was lead by Csengeri Mayer Sandor as president, followed by Princz Armin, and rabbis were Jordan Sándor 1903-1935, Freidman Jozsef 1935-1944 and Klein Ernö 1946-1948.

Every community had its own cemetery. In 1905 the Zionist Organization was formed under the care of chief rabbi Dr. Jordan Sándor, being led afterwards by Borgida Jozsef and Schwartz Lajos. Later the following organizations were established: Barissia, Mirzrachi, Betar, Hassomer Haccair. The first Jewish school was opened in 1864 and so in 1936 the following schools existed: Talmud Tora on Petőfi Street, Tarbut on Cuza Vodă Street, Saare Tora on Decebal, Sefard on Martirilor Deportaţi Street. The elementary school was built on Decebal Street in 1920. 

Socially, there are opened The Jewish House for Social Help, Jewish Orphanage, The Jewish Women Association. In 1927 The Jewish Hospital was established, well equipped thanks to the donations from Csengeri Mayer Sandor, Berall, Borgida, Princz and Guttmann.

And Elie Wiesel’s Hasidic education:

Eliezer Wiesel was born in the picturesque town of Sighet, below the Carpathian mountains that were once home to the Ba’al Shem Tov, the father of Chasidism. Tantalized by Chasidic tales his grandfather told, Wiesel’s happiest childhood memories are punctuated with singing Shabbat songs, eating chocolates and studying a page of Talmud under a tree while the other youngsters played ball. 

“He was a little sickly and cer­tainly what we call bookish,” recalls Professor David Weiss Halivni, who studied in cheder with Wiesel in Sighet. Halivni, now a professor of religion at Columbia University and one of Wiesel’s closest friends, says that even as a child, Wiesel was “artis­tically more sensitive” to the mys­tical teachings of their teacher.

In ‘Sync’ with the Judeomasonic Establishment

January 14, 2014
In ‘Sync’ with the Judeomasonic Establishment

Judaism’s Inherent Anti-Gentile Paranoia and Hatred

January 9, 2014
Is it not insanity in the extreme that the Catholic Church has ended and apologized for it’s tradition of praying for the followers of Judaism to convert away from their master-race traditions of hatred and paranoia? And worse, congratulated them for adhering to their hate tradition and recommended that Christians learn from them.

It seems to me that reform and apologies are due from the keepers of the blood libelous hate tradition illustrated below:

… the fear of getting beat up doesn’t bother me that much. Having fear does. It is a confirmation of the fearfulness that I was educated in as a young boy in yeshiva. 

In seventh grade, we read the book of Genesis and covered the four words that have since been drilled into our heads: “Esav sonei es Yaakov” or Esau hates Jacob. These words set us up for years of fear. In the teacher’s telling, Esau was the father of Christianity. Historical inaccuracies aside, we were made to believe that all white men descended from him. And so, according to this Old Testament principal, white men throughout history will always hate us 

My 11th grade rabbi gave a Friday morning sermon based around a latter-day midrash that said it was a miracle every time a gentile passed us by and didn’t beat us up. (Eli Reiter, “Losing in the ‘Knockout’ Game,” Forward, January 08, 2014)

Mourning Shylock

January 6, 2014
It’s sad that this Hasidic predator, Menachem Stark’s life was ended before he was able to repent of his reportedly voluminous crimes. But the real tragedy is that this community is far too entrenched in a religion of megalomania, paranoia and hostility towards outsiders to learn anything from what happened. The community will continue to create predators and send them out to rip off ‘the goyim’ so that they can ‘perform tzedakah’ (‘charity’) which is to say, support their own community with the proceeds of their predation of outsiders. They will still wail that any consequence or reaction to their criminal behavior is based entirely in ‘hatred of Jews simply because they’re Jews.’

And it is entirely possible that this Hasidic mobster was killed by a Hasid from another sect, or even his own.

Ritual wailing for a dead Hasidic criminal who crossed the wrong criminal:

Witness Governor Cuomo seeking the sponsorship of the godfather of this Satmar mob in 2011:

Hasidic Democracy