The File on Malachi Martin

Please see:

The Final Nail in Malachi Martin’s Coffin

Mgr. Oesterreicher on Malachi Martin and the Fraudulent Prayer for ‘The Jews’

More on the AJC’s Nostra Aetate Errand Boy, Con-Man, Malachi Martin

More Documentation on AJC Agent, Malachi Martin

Malachi Martin: “God Could Have Incarnated as a Cow;” “Priests Should Have Been Female”

Grasmeier files on Malachi Martin

Hoffman files on Malachi Martin


One Response to “The File on Malachi Martin”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Finally someone has exposed that foul-mouthed pig. I have a newspaper article in which he himself admits that comes from a line of "Jewish Iberian bankers."

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