The file on Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu: Gaza Death Camp Operating “at Full Strength”

Netanyahu’s Messianic Fanaticism Precipitating False-Messiah Catastrophe

Netanyahu: “The Rebbe said to me …” and to every ‘Jewish’ child from age 5

The Rabbinic Foundation of Netanyahu’s Messianic Lunacy Further Revealed

Netanyahu’s ‘Justice’ Minister: Talmudic Law Should Be Binding In Israeli State

Netanyahu reported to say legal system based on Talmud

Netanyahu’s Synagogue-and-State Authoritarian Orthodox Judaic Hierarchy

Netanyahu Mocks the World

Netanyahu Gifts Pope with his Racial Supremacist Father’s Race War Book

Netanyahu gives Obama the Book of Esther. Biblical parable for nuclear Iran?

Francis and Netanyahu’s Counterfeit Jesus Pilpul

Madman’s Hava Megillah Caught on Camera

John Hagee spews Netanyahu’s Purim spiel

“Netanyahu is More Powerful than the President.” “The Congress has Sold Out to AIPAC”

Rabbi Netanyahu

Netanyahu: ‘We should attack Iran with “subversive” U.S. television programming”

Pope Benedict XVI’s hasbara mission

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