CIA was at Newtown Event

CIA was at Newtown Event


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  1. Truth Seeker Says:

    How COINCIDENTAL the CIA was there at Newtown.Aurora has also become the Major hub for CIA presence as well.Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates is closely linked to the CIA with the NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly! CIA moved it's HQ to Buckley AFP where the Aerospace Data Facility (drones/satellite surveilance)is located.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Click HERE for a RealAudio recording of a statement made by FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney to Dan Rather on Wednesday, September 12th, 2001. In this interview, Kenney states that FEMA was deployed to New York on Monday night, September 10th, to be ready to go into action on Tuesday morning, September 11th.

    I would also like to say that all the articles now about psychotropic drugs and the bad effects they can have and how it can cause people to become shooters are also part of the deflect and distract strategy of the perpetrators of Sandy Hook, the same perpetrators of 9-11 in my opinion.

    Here are two examples of recent articles connecting drugs to Sandy Hook event. No, a lone drugged up kid did not do Sandy Hook any more than 19 Islamic “hijackers” did 9-11.

    School Shooters On Psychiatric Drugs


    After Sandy Hook: how psychiatrists will become policemen
    After Sandy Hook: how psychiatrists will become policemen

    by Jon Rappoport

    January 6, 2013

    (In fact, Jon Rappaport is a good example who exposes anything and everything connected with these false flag terrorist events EXCEPT the real perpetrators. )

  3. Anonymous Says:

    source: States Senate Committee on the Judiciary Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Senators, It’s been less than three months since our community experienced the unspeakable tragedy of the murder of children and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As the clergy leaders of Newtown, joined by clergy colleagues from across the nation, we have witnessed the scourge of gun violence in our neighborhoods, and we call on Congress to pass comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation that will help stop the slaughter. The moral mandate to protect the weak in our care is clear and present in all of our faith traditions. Our varied faith traditions teach us to seek the peace of the city, to love our neighbor, and to cherish human dignity. To see the rising incidence of gun violence from Chicago to Newtown, Camden to Aurora, Detroit to Tucson – and how that violence particularly targets the young and the poor, especially in America’s urban communities – and yet to refuse to take the steps we know would reduce harm is a violation of religious values so severe that we are compelled to speak out. Nothing any of us do will bring back the victims murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As a nation we must do all we can to prevent the next tragedy. We pray that you will vote for meaningful gun violence prevention laws that include a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, enforceable universal background checks, an end to gun trafficking and prosecution of straw purchasers. After the news crews and cameras leave, after the rest of the nation turns away and resumes their normal routines, it is we who are asked to answer why this happened; to bind up the brokenhearted; and to explain why nothing in Newtown or our many communities will ever be the same again. As faith leaders, while we fully support laws that we believe will increase gun safety, we also believe that the larger underlying issue behind violence is spiritual: how we view our obligations to each other in light of our role in God's creation. We draw from a wellspring of tradition that will spark off a spiritual awakening in America that will transform us into a culture of compassion, reconciliation and civility. As faith leaders, we commit ourselves to fostering a culture of peace to complement and serve as a foundation for any proposed gun legislation. The slaughter of innocence in Newtown awakened our nation to the tragedy of gun violence throughout our land and we shall neither slumber nor sleep. Rather, by tireless commitment, loving hearts and the sustaining promise of our many faiths, we believe that Newtown shall be remembered as the bridge to a new and kinder world. Rabbi Shaul Praver, Congregation Adath Israel of Newtown, CT Rev. Matthew Crebbin, Newtown Congregational Church, UCC, Newtown, CT Rev. Kathleen Adams-Shepherd, Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown, CT Chaplain Eman Beshtawii, Al Hedaya Islamic Center, Newtown, CT Azeez Bhavnagarwala, Al Hedaya Islamic Center, Newtown, CT Rev. Mel Kawakami, Newtown United Methodist Church, Newtown, CT Rev. Leo E. McIlrath, Lutheran Home, Southbury, CT Khatib Mohamed El Safty, Al Hedaya Islamic Center, Newtown, CT Rev. Jane Sibley, Newtown United Methodis tChurch, Newtown, CT Rev. Jim Solomon, New Hope Community Church, Newtown, CT Rev. Janice Touloukian, Newtown Congregational Church, UCC, Newtown, CT

  4. Anonymous Says:

    read the Rabbi's Message

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The Pope and the Jews: Was it good for the Jews? Was it good for the Church? – Rabbi Gary S. Creditor

  6. Truth Seeker Says:

    The Rabbi bleats for more gun control in the United States but ignores the fact that citizens of Zionist Israel are armed to the teeth with uzi's, ak-47's, ar-15's against the "savage" Palestinians!Ignored by the Rabbi is the rabid Israeli murderer who entered a Mosque and massacred worshippers at prayer or the Palestinian children gunned down by the cowardly IDF or the bomblets dropped by IDF F-15's onto Lebanese children!What CHUTZPAH! in your face Arrogance! this hypocrite calls for more gun control here in the UNITED STATES against Law abiding citizens and against the Bill of Rights! Our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed "Take the beam out of thine own eye first before you take the mote out of thy brother's eye". Pharisaism can not understand the words spoken by Christ. As a foot note the NYPD has an Office with detectives working with the Mossad in Israel.NYPD is an adjunct of the CIA.

  7. annely Says:

    If anyone here wants to, watch YouTube Bishop Williams-Post Falls Idaho-Confimations.Try to watch all as you can.It's about 44 minutes. Bishop Williams speaks the truth.

  8. annely Says:

    Bishop WilliamSON of course.

  9. annely Says:

    to Anonymous 5 mar. 2:52, Thanks for this. Curses and Curses.They will never ever stop-until their Messiah comes.That'swhen thry'll stop dead in their tracks..THEN..wish to Hell they were dead instead of …Well Jesus will SAITH.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Just What The Hell Is Going On? All Police Records On Sandy Hook Shooting Sealed, Media Denied Access

  11. truth seeker Says:

    Aurora shooting facts:1. James Holmes and his Mother and Father are Christians:2. There could not be any positive identification of the gunman in Theater Nine. Reported in an article in American Free Press by Pat Shannan (Feb.11, 2013) "The shooter allegedly carried multiple long guns and handguns. He was dressed in black and wore a gas mask. He had a load-bearing vest, a helmet, bullet resistant leggings, a throat protector, a groin protector and gloves. Therefore, there was no waythe shooter could be identified by anyone".3. Several witnesses reported hearing gunshots louder than those coming from the movie screen while sitting in the neighboring room in Theater Eight. A 12 inch thick solid concrete block (all block cells filled solid with sand/concrete) soundproof wall separated these people from Holmes who is accused of firing the shots in Theater Nine. Among these victims in the adjoining Theater 8 was Mc Kayla Hicks, who told a Denver television interviewer in January 2013 that a bullet removed one of her teeth and is still lodged in her jaw. The Aurora Police insist that the bullet shotsentered and passed through this soundproof wall hitting viewing patrons in Theater 8!4 As Pat Shannan brings out in his article the Remington .223 bullet used by the shooter when fired through gelatin only penetrates 9.5 inches before splitting into two pieces. U.S. Army tests show the same caliber bullet fired through a common wall and into gelatin penetrated half as far and fragmented.5. From Pat Shannan's article "Independent investigators conclude that Holmes could be a drugged patsy who did not kill anybody".Clearly facts are covered up and hidden so that the accused is guilty of a crime he did not commit. The days of Pontius Pilate are not long gone. "Give us Barabbas"

  12. annely Says:

    Our host Maurice Pinay almost seems to be a thousand years old.I just read some of mauricepinay,blog.wordpress/fr.-finigan…I know of no better historian in his field. Maurice Pinay is brilliant.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Maurice,This might be of interest to you. Malachi Martin's old boss from his time in the Vatican, Augustin Cardinal Bea has a center named for him at the Pontifical Gregorian University, The Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaica Studies. The theme for the 2012-2013 year is the Shoah. Abe Conferences for 2012-2013 Bea Centre for Judaica Studies Webpage

  14. Anonymous Says:

    New Pope Said Friendly with Argenitine Jews. Jewish Anti Pope?Story here…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Maurice,When are you going to do a new entry on Francis?He is more of a Judaizer than John Paul II, I fear. He is on many interfaith committees, has visited several jewish memorials, celebrates Hannakuh and equates it with Christmas, meets with the WJC regularly, co-writes books with rabbis, and you name it ad nauseam. His favorite art is White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall.

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