SSPX Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay’s False Prophetess

Fellay-expelled SSPX priest Fr. Basilio Meramo and Archbishop Lefebvre’s friend Max Barret report an episode, largely unknown in the English-speaking world, of SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay’s devotion to a false visionary introduced to him by Fr. Philippe Lovey,  the son of the Sion lawyer and SSPX benefactor Roger Lovey who reportedly persuaded the Archbishop to consecrate Fr. Bernard Fellay a bishop in 1988 which Lefebvre had not originally planned to do.

Reportedly, Bp. Fellay unreservedly endorsed this false mystic and based decisions and policy on her ‘prophesies’ which reportedly appealed to vanity, telling of a heroic role for him in Church history (coincidentally, the same technique employed by the Vatican on Fellay supporters).

The expose of Fellay’s false visionary was covered up by the Fellay administration.

From Fr. Meramo:

From Max Barret:

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24 Responses to “SSPX Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay’s False Prophetess”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Taken from and edited down to allow publication…
    Here's a rough English translation from a 2008 French story on the “prophetess”.
    It gives her other names, a.k.a. Madame Rossiniere, Germaine Rossiniere, or Ms. Cornaz.

    She's published religious books and appears to be a fake mystic, who Bp. Fellay met in 1995.
    It is said he believed in her, perhaps because he turned out to be the “messianic” center of some of her prophecies.

    She was later discredited and Bp. Fellay was forced to publicly ignore her.

    Abbe Lovey appears to have been the “liason” between the two.
    I'm not familiar with him?.

    Writing Virgo Maria

    © 2008


  2. LeonG Says:

    Fellay has undermined the unity of The Society that was solidly behind the Archbishop and the propagation of The Roman Catholic Faith. In behaving like a supreme pontiff he has totally ignored his brother bishops and he has invented for himself an authority the Archbishop never intended the Superior General to have. The fact he has expelled loyal priests who have had the courage to defend orthodoxy at great personal cost to themselves, demonstrates his illusion of self-grandeur has not abated while he is led by the nose by the man that Archbishop Lefebvre never trusted, Papa Ratzinger.
    The Confraternity is just that – a fraternal association wherein the bishops gather round themselves in order to guarantee the continuation of the Sacraments according to tradition. What Fellay has done is neither fraternal nor is it in the interests of that unity required by The SSPX to continue insisting that the liberal modernist church has an invalid vernacular and protestantised Mass; it has created an entirely new paradigm of faith commensurate with a flat-line managed, personalized, collegial, ecumenical and interreligious organisation and it is in a state of total chaos both liturgically and pastorally. In fact, it is almost the very antithesis of the pre-conciliar Roman Catholic Church. We used to hear and read about this regularly until Fellay began his revision of The Society’s activities in order to bring them more into line with dictates of the ;liberal modernist regime in The Vatican.
    Anyone reading and listening to his sermons and talks in the last few years can tell he has gradually worked everything round to signing up with Rome at great cost to the actual freedom for The SSPX to carry out its mission to maintain The Traditional Roman Catholic Faith and its Sacraments. Perhaps there is still time to remove this man from his unmerited position and to replace him in July with a more faithful, humble and better oriented Superior General who is not a bishop, as Archbishop Lefebvre intended.

  3. Pablo the Mexican Says:

    Bishop Richard Williamson has just been given the boot.


  4. Maurice Pinay Says:

    “Bishop Richard Williamson has just been given the boot.”

    What is the source for this?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    If this were 17th Century Spain, and the Great Dominicans were still ran the Inquisitional Courts, I would report B. Fellay as an alumbrados. There, he would get the spanking he so richly deserves.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    A PDF letter of the Society is on and a few other sites in regard to B. Williamson's ouster for disobedience and for inciting rebellion. B. Fellay must be nodding if he thinks we need B. Williamson to incite us or help us smell the rotting fishhead in the SSPX. It stinks from two continents away.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What B. Fellay did for the last ten years at least was make everything in the Modernist Church “not wrong”. Ten years ago the Angelus wrote an article validating the Modernist sacraments and that all Vat II documents needed was a traditoinal spindoctor to cure them.Since then they stopped criticizing anything about the Modernist Church; they started to speak about the “Holy Father” more. Photos of the pope (and in some cases more than one Conciliar pope. In our chapel, there was Ratzinger & JPII) have gone up in the cafeterias and halls. Ratzinger could go into as many synagogues he wanted without a whimper from SSPX pulpits. Assisi came and went. Holocaust stories began to be told from the pulpit. Jews with yalmuke's and backbacks were seen in the pews immediately after Bishop Williamson's persecution. They sat and listened to sermons about Arab terrorism and of Christians who were killed in the holocaust in solidarity with the Jews. When asked about Jews with yalmulke's and backpacks inside the Church, we were told they were “searching” and in “good” faith. While Archibishop Lefebvre was uncertain as to the validity of the sacraments, he was not uncertain as to the Vat II documents. At least one he said was heretical enough that no spin could cure. B Fellay spent the last ten years at least making all the Modernist wrongs right, converting the members to new ideas, validating the Modernist sacraments, & Ratzinger, clearing his path back to Rome.

  8. Malleus Haereticorum Says:

    According to a recently released letter of Fr. Christian Thouvenot of the SSPX, “…the Superior General has deprived Msgr. Williamson of his office as member of the Chapter for taking a position calling for a rebellion, and for his continually repeated disobedience. He has equally forbidden him to come to Econe for the ordinations…. Msgr. Fellay has deferred the ordinations of the Dominicans of Avrille and the Capuchins of Morgon, who were foreseen to have been ordained at Econe this coming 29th June [July?]. The putting off of orders was dictated simply by the wish of Bishop Fellay to be assured of the loyalty of these communities, before laying hands upon their candidates….”

    My own inference is that the SSPX clearly risks splintering, especially if Bishop Fellay decides to accommodate Rome. The traditionalist movement is already fragmented. Who will speak for the Church and against her enemies? Michael Matt? Ha!

  9. Pablo the Mexican Says:

    “…Who will speak for the Church and against her enemies? Michael Matt? Ha! …”

    God is in charge.

    The Holy Mother and her Son have spoken through the Holy Priests of the SSPX.

    Pray His Excellency repents and joins those Priests in Truth.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    The letter signed by Fr. Christian Thouvenot of the SSPX, shows that B. Williamson will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE in the July meeting. Bishop De Mallerais is in the U.S. under the pretence that other seminarians MAY BE ordained in the next few weeks. Will he be able to attend the July meeting? One has been barred from the meeting and the other has been effectively barred from the meeting. If B. Fellay succeeds in effectively barring his opposition's participation at the July meeting, I for one am predicting a “unanimous” vote on the the Roman documents, which are presently being “revised” by Ecclesia Dei Commission's new appointment Cardinal de Noia. Cardinal de Noia is the ombudsman for the Jewish community, who has their respect, and who they know will act in their interests in his negotiation with SSPX! The appointment of Cardinal De Noia is Rome and Jews' ultimate Ha Va Naglia!!!

  11. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Ecclesia Dei's statement on the DiNoia appointment said:

    “Archbishop Di Noia’s experience and continued association with the Congregation for Divine Worship will facilitate the development of certain desired liturgical provisions in the celebration of the 1962 Missale Romanum.

    In addition, the broad respect that Archbishop Di Noia enjoys in the Jewish community will help in addressing some issues that have arisen in the area of Catholic-Jewish relations as the journey towards the reconciliation of traditionalist communities has progressed”.

  12. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Further, the silence from the rabbinic camp is quite telling. An article missed by traditionalists explains it well enough, “Trust Pope's judgment on SSPX deal, senior rabbi says.”

  13. Malleus Haereticorum Says:

    The conciliar and post-conciliar Judeo-Masons will not release their stranglehold on Holy Mother Church. Whatever compromises they offer are nothing more than manipulative tricks. I had hoped that the SSPX would not be fooled — a vain hope, it appears. If the Society not only falters, but fails, there will be precious little left for us to do but pray for Our Lord's swift justice, tempered by Our Lady's mercy.

  14. Nynorsk Bokmal Says:

    Dear Mr. Pinay:

    You wrote, “An article missed by traditionalists explains it well enough. …”

    This is chilling news. May I ask where you saw the article you speak of?

  15. Maurice Pinay Says:

    “Dear Mr. Pinay:

    You wrote, “An article missed by traditionalists explains it well enough. …”

    This is chilling news. May I ask where you saw the article you speak of?”


    “Trust Pope's judgment on SSPX deal, senior rabbi says”

  16. LeonG Says:

    One factor is certain – one-eyed blog sites like Rorate Caeli will not publish this. Also, they do not publish any view that opposes what Fellay is doing to The SSPX. This is because they are not only extremely biased but evidently very ignorant about what is going on behind the scenes. All of them talk as though Fellay is the supreme pontiff who can do what he likes with The SSPX and because they wobble terribly the moment the word Jew arises in any blog contribution. Most contributers have almost no clue, if any at all, on the direction the church has gone in since 1965 and continues to head apace. They even criticise bishops who do not accord the pope his rightful authority. Considering this pope was against absolute papal authority, supporting collegiality and a horizontalised episcopate as a conciliar periti and subsequently. How does one overcome such manifest and appalling lack of knowledge?

  17. Malleus Haereticorum Says:

    What a weak sister and complete sellout is Michael Matt. He has today linked — under the preposterous and offensive title, “Time for the Conspiracy Theorists to Apologize to Bishop Fellay” — to an article noting that His Excellency won't sign the preamble. So what? First, the story does indeed confirm that Bishop Williamson has been relegated to complete persona non grata status. Second, and more importantly, the issue isn't so much the preamble, but whether or not Bishop Fellay will ultimately succumb to the blandishments of Judaized Rome.

  18. Nynorsk Bokmal Says:

    Thanks for the link, Mr. Pinay.

    What an appalling piece of pseudojournalism, and what shameless sycophancy its author displays towards an arrogant egotist!

  19. Maurice Pinay Says:

    “Time for the Conspiracy Theorists to Apologize to Bishop Fellay”


    Oh, my …

    Here's an analogy for that mystical Swissman so given to analogies himself:

    If a madman happens to stop shooting and come down from the tower, he's not unreservedly welcomed back into society, much less is he due an apology. This doesn't suggest that I believe the Madman of Menzingen has stopped shooting.

    There are many souls insufficient in their loyalty to Fellay's personality and lacking in trust in the alleged good will of the poor “isolated” “Holy Father” and his “little wave of tradition” yet to be purged. Things are only just getting started in that regard.

    I realize it will shock Fellayites to see the object of their hope and trust spoken of so indelicately, but I do recall him, for purely irreligious reasons, referring to a fellow bishop as a “hand grenade” and “uranium” in establishment press interviews arranged by his Mossad-connected lawyer Max Krah. And as I recall, disapproval of this indiscrétion de Fellay was lacking.

    But, “conspiracy theorists” rightly suffer ridicule and owe apologies, or so we are led to believe.

    Self-blessed are those self-chosen arbiters of such things! Even without “full-communion” Fellay and friends have come to understand well the ways of Judeo-masonic Rome.

  20. Pablo the Mexican Says:

    First day of the General Chapter meeting:

    29 for

    9 against

    Bishop Williamson not being invited.

    The Regime has stated it will chop off heads after the meeting, then come to Rome and sign the agreement with zero opposition.

    Soon I will have a Name the New SSPX Contest.

    The winner will get a bottle of Holy Water from the well where the American Jewish Freemasons had Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio dunked into in an attempt to make him apostasy.

    Put your thinking caps on.

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    R. En mi corazon, en mi casa, y en mi patria!


  21. Anonymous Says:

    Isn't funny but you never hear Fellay say anthing against pedophilia or homosexuals in the church. Same with those sspx who ousted Bishop Williamson. Why join vatican II church when most of its clergy is full of filth of broken vows by raping and molesting innocent children. They have sexually harrassed many young seminarians, they have sold off real estate and sold holy relics on ebay. recently, george weigle and ewtn mock the Kingship of Christ.

    Whatever happened to faith over obedience. We are called to worship God; not bernie fellay.

    As a SSPX member, I cannot go along with the great apostacy of Bernie Fellay.

    JohnP eddystone, pa

  22. Pablo the Mexican Says:

    Now that the General Chapter Meeting is over, heads will roll.

    Heads will roll.

    It has been agreed to do this under the guise of Amnesty.

    Another word for diabolical disorientation.

    How dare they have delayed the Fuhrer's triumphal entry into Rome?

    Heads will roll.


  23. Pablo the Mexican Says:

    SSPX Crisis Wolves in Sheep's clothing Padre Pfeiffer July 15th, 2012

    This is a must see video on the situation within the SSPX.

    It is on you tube under the above title and at this address: v=3TTdYykuXSU&feature=colike

    No one had to form a group or committee or political action group to start the fight against the enemies of Christ in Mexico.

    The Catholics were formed at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, at the Sermons, the catechisms and Sacraments; they merely went out into the streets and engaged the enemy.

    In the first battle of the Cristiada, the Mexicans were barefoot, armed with sticks and stones,and Faith.

    They solidly trounced the Freemason Government's massive army.


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Regarding the opening post, I find it interesting that Bishop Williamson believes that the woman mentioned above is indeed a genuine mystic, as he relates in his 10/19/14 column.


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