Vatican ‘Jew’ Enforces Vatican II

This should be read in tandem with: Opus Pharisaei

“One must take this occasion to express the deep hope that leniency will be denied” to anyone who does not accept the [Second Vatican] council’s teaching and “that there will be no being content with fake, quasi-adhesions accompanied by evident verbal and mental reservations to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council in general and to ‘Nostra Aetate’ in particular.”

Last year we noted that the Israeli tribalist Fr. David Jaeger was installed as a prelate auditor of the Roman Rota, the highest court of the Catholic Church. We noted Jaeger’s candid admission that at the Vatican court he would be as loyal to the people of Counterfeit Israel and the nation of Counterfeit Israel as any other Israeli working for a supranational body, mentioning the interesting example of Israelis working at the International Monetary Fund as a reference as to how his tribal loyalty would manifest itself as he works at the Vatican’s highest court. We appreciate the candor because it reveals the farce of the court historian portrayal of the court ‘Jew’ as a turncoat and lays bare the previously well hidden reality.

Jaeger was a key figure in the Vatican’s official recognition of Counterfeit Israel of 1993, a typically raw deal where the gangster state was afforded undeserved credibility by the venerable 2000 year-old Church institution and Catholics got nothing except spat upon. This can only last so long, however. Whatever residual credibility the Vatican may be coasting on presently that was not lost in the pedophilia scandal is being squandered entirely in the massive Zionist vortex of consumption.

Jaeger’s suggestion that without Vatican II and Nostra Aetate ‘The Jews’ are in danger of annihilation by violent mobs of ‘non-Jews’ fueled by Christian theological hatred of ‘Jews’ is itself a form of hatred of the historical Church and the Christian people; a blood libel. Always the double standard. And Jaeger’s appeals to victimhood as he sits at the head of the Vatican’s highest court inciting an inquisition against Catholics strains chutzpah beyond most previous wild examples.

Jeager’s work, like that of the misnamed ‘Opus Dei,’ is the relativisation away of the the Church’s past authoritative teachings and making an absolute out of a  document lobbied for by haters of the Church and the Gospel--Jules Isaac, B’nai B’rith, AJC, WJC, etc., etc,–and co-written by a rabbi who admitted that he wanted to attack Christians’ souls.

Church should not accept members who deny Vatican II, official says

ROME (CNS) — The Second Vatican Council’s teaching, particularly on Judaism and other religions, is rooted in traditional Christian theology and the Bible, and the Catholic Church should not offer concessions to those who do not accept its teaching, said an Israeli-born Franciscan who serves as a judge on a top Vatican court.

Msgr. David Jaeger, a judge at the Roman Rota, defined as worrying a tendency, “here and there in Catholicism, to look leniently upon stray groups that are marginal but well-publicized who denounce the doctrine of the council, including the declaration ‘Nostra Aetate'” on the relationship of the church to non-Christian religions.

Msgr. Jaeger, who grew up in a Jewish family, spoke about “Nostra Aetate” during a conference on the Second Vatican Council at Rome’s Opus Dei-run Holy Cross University May 3-4.

“While often presented as if it were absolutely new,” he said, the teaching of “Nostra Aetate” “perfectly corresponds to the most ancient intuitions of Christian theology” when it affirms “there can be, and in particular cases, are elements of truth and holiness” in other religions, he said. In addition, the document emphasized that Judaism [the religion which teaches Jesus got what he deserved at Calvary] has a special status, which “already was extensively explained by St. Paul, particularly in the Epistle to the Romans” [a ridiculous falsehood. St. Paul addresses a remnant of Israelites, not the Pharisaic religion of Judaism that revels in responsibility for Jesus’ execution].

The council’s document explained the church’s “doctrine on Judaism, the only religion which, while not knowing Christ, has its origins in biblical revelation, which is why the church does not regard it simply as a ‘non-Christian religion,’ but ascribes to it a unique status,” Msgr. Jaeger said [falsely. Judaism has its origins in the Pharisees and the Mishnah and their making the Bible of no effect].

While recognizing the unique and special relationship between God and the Jewish people, he said, the council did not say say that Judaism was a “parallel path to salvation” and it did not deny that somehow, in the end, all salvation would be accomplished through Christ.

Obviously motivated by the horrors of the Holocaust, but also by centuries of injustices and persecution of Jews “by those who called themselves Christians and believed they therefore could justify their brutality, the declaration took care to severely condemn such conduct and to highlight the complete illegitimacy of supporting it with any reference to Christianity,” he said.

“The proof of Nostra Aetate’s effectiveness is that it seems strange to have to say it today,” the monsignor said.

However, he said, “One must take this occasion to express the deep hope that leniency will be denied” to anyone who does not accept the council’s teaching and “that there will be no being content with fake, quasi-adhesions accompanied by evident verbal and mental reservations to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council in general and to ‘Nostra Aetate’ in particular.”

“In fact,” he said, “the extreme gravity of the counter-witness of those who have, for centuries, abused the name of Christ and the term Christian to persecute and oppress the Jews must never be forgotten or underestimated in any way.” 

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Opus Pharisaei

8 Responses to “Vatican ‘Jew’ Enforces Vatican II”

  1. Citizenfitz Says:

    “that there will be no being content with fake, quasi-adhesions accompanied by evident verbal and mental reservations to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council in general and to 'Nostra Aetate' in particular.”

    “Quasi-adhesions”? LOL! What is it about guys like the good Msgr. that it's impossible for them to speak in plain terms?

    Methinks waht they really want is to upgrade Stalin's show trial formula to force politically errant Catholics back into the nUcHurCh fold. How do you say “show trial” in Hebrew?

  2. Maurice Pinay Says:

    It appears that Inquisitor Jaeger is itching for Shoah trials.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone has the Vatican directory available, please post Jaeger's email address. He needs many exhortations and reminders about the anti-Christ/anti-humanity creed that he pretends to have almost left behind.

  4. John McFarland Says:

    Where does this quote come from?

  5. Maurice Pinay Says:

    The report below it (and my prefacing comments).

  6. Anonymous Says:

    We never hear of the anti-Catholicism is America. There were even riots in philadelphia. Recently, a mass grave of Irish Catholics was discovered and cholera was blamed despite the fact that these people actually were murdered by blunt objects to the head. In Burlington County, Nj a priest was hung from the tree for practicing the Catholic faith.

    Today, all over the world millions Christians including Catholics are being murdered. per Father Groener's Fatima

  7. Anonymous Says:

    In response to “Church should not accept members who deny Vatican II, official says..”

    We say: the Church should not accept members who deny Jesus Christ.

    We say: the Church should not accept members who are indifferent to sins and crimes and do not keep God's commandments: those who condone like, pedophilia, same sex marriage, homosexuality in priest and laity,lying, covering up, real estate scams, false teaching, paganism, love of material things, being hypocrits, abortion, denying trueChurch teachings, etc. It is also a sin against God to be silent or accomplice to sin too.

    How can vatican II be involved in any ecumenical association when they don't even know their own faith.

    Recently, Bishop Joseph Galante of Camden Diocese, New Jersey USA blew $25,000 for a california company to do survey of southern new jersey which is one of the biggest dicoese areas one east coast, USA.

    Even vatican II Bishop Galante admits it is “disturbing” to learn from survey that most vatican II Catholics believe that “Jesus sinned while on earth.”

    What is even more disturbing that over 100 “Catholic colleges” who have gay and lesbian clubs under direction of liberal, sinful false teachers who call themselves catholic clergy.

    Fordham University in NYC (Jesuits) is receiving government grant to research “Secular Catholicism”

    Vatican II are lovers of materal things and pleasures rather then God. vatican II holds the form of religion but denies the power of it. (based on Timothy 1-5. In other words, they are hypocrits.

    Yes, we are to love our neighbor. However, we should deny God, Our Blessed Mother inorder to do so. We are called to save souls and recruit all people to the Catholic Faith. Not the other way around. The Catholic Church is the one true Church. Ecumenicism doesn't mean watering down the faith and turning one's back on God to love thy neighbor.

    Also, many vatican II catholics think stories about saints are made up myths. Yes, St. Patrick did exist and he used the Shamrock (3 leaf clover) to teach the Holy Trinity; not the 4 leaf clover.

    In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

    So who is the real herectic, schismatics, renegades?? vatican II.

    Southern New Jersey, USA

    PS We love everyone. WE love, God, Our Blessed Mother, and the true Catholic Church.
    We don't hate anyone including Jews, protestants and homosexuals…

  8. Nynorsk Bokmal Says:

    I wonder if I am the last person alive to see the leaked April letter of the three bishops to Bishop Fellay and his shockingly dismissive response. I pray that the Blessed Mother responds to all the rosaries being offered to her by opening his eyes to his grievous error.

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