Pope Stern’s Inquisition

Certainly, notorious anti-Semites[*] such as Bishop Williamson must not be granted a place in the Catholic Church,” [WJC Deputy Secretary-General Maram] Stern declared.

World Jewish Congress urges Rome to sideline opponents of Catholic-Jewish reconciliation

24 October 2011

Ahead of the interfaith meeting later this week in Assisi, Italy – hosted by Pope Benedict XVI and to be attended by 300 religious leaders from around the Globe – the World Jewish Congress (WJC) has urged the Vatican to forcefully oppose attempts to blame Jews collectively for the death of Jesus. Deputy Secretary-General Maram Stern, the WJC official in charge of inter-religious dialogue (pictured right at a meeting with the pope in 2010), said: “Last week, Catholics were treated to another despicable tractate by Bishop Richard Williamson whose point was to derail Catholic-Jewish reconciliation and to revive age-old anti-Semitic canards such as that of Jewish deicide. This was a timely reminder that there are still many clerics out there who vehemently oppose and actively undermine dialogue and reconciliation between Catholics and Jews.”

“Unfortunately, some Catholic splinter groups such as Williamson’s Society of St. Pius X continue to defend and propagate medieval anti-Jewish teachings. It is therefore important not to jeopardize the enormous achievements made in Catholic-Jewish dialogue over the past decades by allowing preachers of hate in again through the back door. Certainly, notorious anti-Semites such as Bishop Williamson must not be granted a place in the Catholic Church,” Stern declared.

Last week, Williamson – who in 2009 publicly denied the existence of gas chambers in Nazi death camps and was convicted by a German court earlier this year of Holocaust denial – wrote on his web blog: “Only the Jews (leaders and people) were the prime agents of the deicide” [of Jesus Christ], and not Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate. Williamson also alleged “a continuity amongst Jews down the centuries”, indirectly blaming today’s Jews for Jesus’ death.

Maram Stern, who will represent the World Jewish Congress at the Assisi gathering, said Jews around the world valued that Pope Benedict XVI, like his predecessor John Paul II, “is sincerely committed to strengthening inter-faith dialogue.” Stern urged the Pope to reiterate statements he made earlier this year in his book on Jesus and turn them into an article of faith of the Church.


* As Joseph Sobran aptly noted, “The word has no precise definition. An “anti-Semite” may or may not hate Jews. But he is certainly hated by Jews.”

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4 Responses to “Pope Stern’s Inquisition”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    World Jewish Congress said “…Catholic splinter groups such as Williamson’s Society of St. Pius X continue to defend and propagate medieval anti-Jewish teachings.”

    This should read:

    “…Catholic splinter groups such as Williamson’s Society of St. Pius X continue to defend and propagate NEW TESTAMENT anti-Jewish teachings.”

  2. James Says:

    Thank you Maurice Pinay for this article.

    Godspeed Bp. Williamson! May you continue to speak out the truth without a fear of the perfidious Jews or anyone else who may be in emnity with God.
    Contact information for the Jewish World Congress can be found at http://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/contact and is as follows: World Jewish Congress
    501 Madison Avenue
    New York
    NY 10022

    tel: +1 212 755 5770
    email: info@worldjewishcongress.org
    World Jewish Congress Israel
    9a Diskin Street

    tel: +972 2 633 30 00
    email: wjc@wjc.co.il
    James Phillips

  3. penitent99 Says:

    Anonymous made a remark about “NEW TESTAMENT anti-Jewish teachings.” I contend that those teachings are not anti-Jewish. There is the historical account of what the crowd who demanded Our Lord's crucifixion said, but that is only reporting what happened; it not “anti-Jewish.” The Church for almost 2000 years has prayed for the conversion of the Jews. Today, in an age where morality is stood on its head (perversion is wholesome, but decency is hate, for example), it is considered by many hate to pray for the conversion of the Jews, but that is insanity.

    There is nothing anti-Jewish in the New Testament.

  4. Jack Says:

    Will the ADL apologize for the martyrdom by the Jewish Defense League of Hieromonk Philoumenos, custodian of the Orthodox shrine at Jacob's Well? (You can google his name and find out about him.)

    According to the Gospel (John 4) that city had been a Christian city since Jesus visited it.

    Most holy Theotokos, save us.

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