"Fanaticism" vs. Fanaticism

When Irish Catholics came to the northeast U.S. in the mid-19th century they were greeted by ‘nativist’ Know Nothing mobs led by Lewis Charles Levin, the first Judaic man elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, who used his power and influence to ‘suppress’ Irish Catholic ‘religious fanaticism’ and ‘loyalty to a foreign power.’

160 years later, the U.S. faces a very real threat from very real fanatics with a very real loyalty to a foreign power. Irish Catholics never did anything remotely approaching the damage Zionists are causing to this nation, yet, to ‘suppress their fanaticism’ they were attacked and their churches were burned by a mob led by a fanatical ‘eternally persecuted,’ self-chosen, Lewis Charles Levin.

I’m one of those Irish Catholic ‘fanatics’ who doesn’t want mob violence or synagogues burned, but this Judaic fanaticism has to stop if there’s to be any hope for this country and for our children. Nothing good can come of this for anyone.

THIS is what fanaticism really looks like.

And this:

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