Background on Defamation

The paranoia documented in the film Defamation by Israeli director Yoav Shamir has a religious basis. Please read:

The Role of the Merchants of Venom

Rabbinic Control through Psychodrama: “Esau” Genetically Programmed to Irrationally Hate “Jacob”

8 Responses to “Background on Defamation”

  1. HallnOates Says:

    After watching this documentary, I am so awestruck at the wisdom of the gedolim. Such wisdom has made me realize for instance that:Can a lie truly be a lie if you can convince yourself that it is actually true?This is the wisdom of the sages that fills me with so much awe and wonder as I watch this documentary.[/sarcasm]

  2. Steve in Vista Says:

    A the same time let us remember that it is a two pronged attack against all gentiles. For if they are not subsumed by the victim mentality and false guilt of being told they hate Jews, then the gentiles that stand stalwartly against the plots and machinations of the Jews will be dealt with most harshly. For instance, John F. Kennedy, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein. And even on another level. See this:Special Palestine Cry Blog articles: Is the EU Helping Mossad to Commit International Terror?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In my opinion , Christianity has done more for jewish supremacist empowerment than any other factor in world history .

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Make that false Christianity. True Christianity has always been against the Jewish supremacists!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What is the difference between false Christianity and true Christianity?

  6. HallnOates Says:

    Maybe they should just offer an undergraduate or graduate degree in "anti-Semitic Studies" given the attention to the phony subject matter:

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I'm "losing my religion "I love that song . I'm wondering if Nietzche was right in that Christianity is just a Jewish political plot. They sure have had their way with the Christians …….could they fool you Christians anymore? Could they play you again ? How about another fracicide war ? How about more "all men are created equal" when you brains say otherwise. Could anymore of you Christian sheeple run over the cliff to serve your wolves ? Nice guys finish last and a whole lot of evil is accomplished when you keep turning the other cheek .

  8. Anonymous Says:

    What is the difference between false Christianity and true Christianity?True Christianity is that which is practiced by Traditional Catholics. All the rest is false.

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