Priest, Rabbi Ask, “Did God Survive the Holocaust?”

Heaven, earth and God Himself may pass away, but “The Holocaust” shall not pass away. (Gospel of Wiesel 21;33)

Fr. John T. Pawlikowski, apparently a disciple of Elie Wiesel, was the topic of the last blog entry, ‘Shoah’ Theologian Reveals Hermetic/Kabbalistic Doctrine at Core of Holocaustolatry.

Jewish and Catholic leaders to discuss God and the Holocaust

November 21, 2009

A challenging dialogue concerning God and the Holocaust will be discussed by Jewish and Roman Catholic leaders on Monday, at the Eastern Michigan University Student Ballroom at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend this free event.

Dr. Guy Stern, Ph.D., director of the International Institute of the Righteous of the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus in Farmington Hills will discuss a Jewish point of view. This year, the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus celebrates its 25th anniversary as America’s first freestanding museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust. The International Institute of the Righteous honors the thousands of non-Jews who saved or attempted to save at least one Jew, with the knowledge that they were putting themselves in danger by doing so. As is quoted on the museum’s Web site, “As it said in the Talmud: ‘When someone saves a life, it is as if that person had saved the whole world.’” [This falsification is set straight HERE, MP.]

… Father John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D., will represent the Catholic perspective in the dialogue. A professor of social ethics at the Catholic Theological Union and director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program at the Catholic Theological Union’s Cardinal Joseph Bernadin Center, Fr. Pawlikowski hails from the largest Roman Catholic Graduate School of Theology and Ministry in the U.S.

The Jewish/Catholic conversation, entitled “Did God Survive the Holocaust,” will be presented by Hillel at Eastern Michigan University and by Holy Trinity Catholic Student Parish. The moderator of the dialogue will be Dr Martin Schichtman, professor of English, and co-sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs; the College of Arts and Sciences; the Department of Communication; the Media and Theater Arts; the Department of History and Philosphy; the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology; and the Department of World Languages.

The Eastern Michigan University Student Center Ballroom is located at 900 Oakwood in Ypsilanti, Mich. For more information, call (734) 740-2885.

3 Responses to “Priest, Rabbi Ask, “Did God Survive the Holocaust?””

  1. Steve in Vista Says:

    It is obviously the intent of the Talmudic Zionists to do away with God. The reasons are simple. First, Lurianic Cabalistic Talmudism declares that God is an invention of man (Jews specifically); they reason that if they invented Him they can do away with Him. Second, they consider the devil only the obverse of God, that is a reflection of Him here on earth. Third, they consider Lucifer more worthy of worship for withstanding God's will (their statement – Ari Luria et al). This is the basis for the so-called "repairing the face of God."They believe that God is their invention so that, they are, in fact (in their warped imagination), God Himself. Therefore, in their vain imaginings, they invented God and have now re-invented Him as the devil – but always to serve themselves. Dialectical non-covenantal materialistic Judaism (first proposed by them in the 19th century) is one theory of theirs in the political spectrum to mislead their own and everyone else in a staged attack on the belief in the true God. This theory is still used by them repeatedly in many ways, ad-nauseam. Communism is the direct outgrowth of that. Communism is Zionism and Communism's historical power base (again dating from the 19th century and still present) is the Kahal criminal organization of the Jews in Russia. In their racist blasphemous self worship, they will murder anyone that stands in the way of their goal to be worshipped as the gods of the earth. They are diabolic Antichrists.In memoriam: JFK, a hero cut down by evil Zionist Ben Gurion.

  2. Steve in Vista Says:

    The evil Talmudic Zionist scheme is now to sacrifice 126 and even one thousand women to their false god, via Israeli-Iranian puppets in Baghdad. these Iraqi women have done NO wrong and are scholars and scientists et al. They are doing it on the greater EID feast, which falls on the same date as thanksgiving, in order to offend as many Muslims and Christians as possible.Leila Hussein: PALESTINE CRY: Iraq Cry: Seattle Post Globe – Iraq planning to hang up to 126 women by year's end [ACTUALLY A LOT SOONER, WRITE NOW!]

  3. Joachim Martillo Says:

    Just as Zionism gives Jews a rational for plundering, imprisoning and killing non-Jews in Palestine, Holocaustery seems to give Jews a rational for plundering, imprisoning and killing non-Jews throughout the world: Wiesel Explains Jewish Zionist Rapaciousness.

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