Curriculum at ‘Catholic’ School Features Nine Weeks of Holocaustolatry

Catholic students attend Jewish Kristallnacht

Renee Simmons – Collier Citizen

November 11, 2009

The Catholic and Jewish communities came together, Nov. 8, as eighth grade students from St. Elizabeth Seton were invited to attend the Kristallnacht convocation and reception at Temple Shalom.

Translated as “night of broken glass,” the ceremony marked the 71st anniversary of the night Nazi Germany launched its attack on Jewish citizens, breaking the glass in neighborhoods, businesses and temples owned by Jewish citizens and forcing families out of their homes.

“This is something in history that people need to know about,” said Melissa Keel, a member of the Catholic/Jewish Dialogue of Collier County, one of the event organizers. “I’m hoping the students will be able to converse with the survivors and that they will take that information back and share that with their schoolmates.”

The afternoon service included a procession of Holocaust survivors in a special candle lighting representing the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, and the seven million others who were victims of Nazi aggression. Holocaust survivors also shared their stories with the attendees.

SES was the only school invited to the ceremony and school officials plan to incorporate the experience into an extensive Holocaust curriculum the school has set up for the students.

“Students at this age are more emotionally prepared to listen and learn about the events of the Holocaust,” says assistant principal Gina Groch. “We hope the students gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust, through the experience of coming together and learning with those of other faiths.”

The nine-week curriculum
is organized by Patricia Lyon, a middle school language arts and literature teacher. Already, students have visited the local Holocaust Museum, watched a DVD interview of Elie Wiesel, author of “Night, Read Night” and “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl,” as well as researched reports and presentations and listened to oral accounts by local Holocaust survivors …

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26 Responses to “Curriculum at ‘Catholic’ School Features Nine Weeks of Holocaustolatry”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    and the problem is?

  2. Steve in Vista Says:

    The so-called "Kristallnacht" was as managed by Jews as the current so-called Palestinian resistance, Hamas and Fatah. The approach is so simplistic, yet people fall for it. Make a contrived and controlled attack against themselves (the Jews) occur and claim to be the victims and then claim the right to vengeance and monetary remuneration and anything else their hearts desire. Then cover it all with constant propaganda. At the same time they divide and conquer the opposition by inciting every form of friction and violent discord between those who should be allies against them. The seminal and most culpable actor in all of this, outside of the Zionist Talmudic Jews, are those who provide the politically correct and factually false propaganda spiel, such as this "Curriculum" of Holocaustolatry.The teachers of this Holocaust lie have blood on their hands. God will not forget that!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone wishes to exhort the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Anonymous Says:

    "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."—Polish Proverb

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What amazing power these 'Judaics' have. They can control and manipulate the Germans, Hamas, PLO etc to attack them and no body but you brilliant historians and super intellects can figure it out.It sure is reassuring that at least someone can see reality.

  6. Maurice Pinay Says:

    anonymous November 17, 2009 2:10 AM writes: "What amazing power these 'Judaics' have. They can control and manipulate the Germans, Hamas, PLO etc to attack them and no body but you brilliant historians and super intellects can figure it out."***It doesn't take much of an intellect to recognize the fact that the Judaic conspiracy is no less vast than the alleged German and Catholic conspiracies against "The Jews" which allegedly "culminated in 'The Holocaust'." It takes a bit more self-reflection than the average victim of Judaic upbringing is capable of to recognize this fact however.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Actually I beg to differ….I think it takes a huge amount of effort and mental gymnastics to convince oneself that the Holocaust did not happen and if it did then the crafty 'Judaics' concocted it on themselves….what planet are you living in?

  8. Maurice Pinay Says:

    "Actually I beg to differ …"I knew that you would, because on planet Judaica "The Jews" never conspire but are always victims of the conspiracies of "The Other Nations." And on planet Judaica this thinking is regarded as reasonable, nay, holy, while the converse is regarded as criminal and insane. Always the crazy double standards …

  9. Mark Says:

    Maurice, we need to get you an audience the size of Fr. Coughlin's!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    " Maurice Pinay said…"Actually I beg to differ …"I knew that you would,…"In your view of reality there is a group of 'Judaics' who get together to plot things against other Judaics in order to make it look like whoever is the chosen enemy did it…Is that correct?

  11. Maurice Pinay Says:

    "Why did the [Canadian] Jewish Congress build up the Nazi Party?"

  12. Anonymous Says:

    This is the proof of an extensive Judaic plot to create actions against fellow Judaics…???As far as I can see, this was an effort (misguided) to infiltrate a group.I assume you believe the Americans created 9/11 with Bin Laden's co-operation in order to declare war…?

  13. Maurice Pinay Says:

    If you believe that organizations that "fight anti-semitism" would close shop rather than create "anti-semitism" where little or none exists thereby assuring their continued existence, you're quite naive. Likewise in the case of organizations that ostensibly "fight terror."Do you think that these phonies would get real jobs? Or rather, do you believe their conspiracy theory which has it that the world is full of incorrigible "'Jew' haters."

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I see…anti semitism does not exist except for that created by the Judaics to further their goals…they're more brilliant than i thought…i'm actually very curious what fuels your obsession?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    also I'm not sure why you feel the need to try to deny the Holocaust and related events…Is it that you feel human beings are not capable of doing such things?Or is that Germans/European Christians did such things and that is too disturbing to consider?..One would think that since the 'Judaics' are so evil…these attempts to rid the world of this evil should be celebrated and honored rather than denied to the point that makes the deniers seem really foolish?

  16. Maurice Pinay Says:

    There is no point in discussing this term, "antisemitism" seriously as it has no stable meaning. If you want to talk about hatred that certain people experience towards other groups and individuals whom they perceive to be of another 'race,' such as the hatred which the rabbis of Judaism harbor towards non-'Jews', this is worthwhile. As to your misrepresentation, I do indeed acknowledge that there are people who hate individuals that identify as 'Jews' based upon what they believe to be 'racial' criteria. This is implied in my last comment. This is far less common than Judaic power organizations claim, however. They're a 'solution' in search of a 'problem.' They create the need for their 'services.' If you believe that these shysters and their protection racket fulfills a genuine need then you have my sympathy and prayers.

  17. Maurice Pinay Says:

    i'm actually very curious what fuels your obsession?***My concerns relate to the rabbis' obsession with controlling my Church and nation.

  18. Maurice Pinay Says:

    anon 1:54 AM writes: "also I'm not sure why you feel the need to try to deny the Holocaust and related events…"I'm sorry you're having such trouble understanding why I don't assent my will to your myths and false doctrines. However, I do know why this monstrous contrivance called "The Holocaust" was concocted and why belief is compelled by all means of force: money and power.anon 1:54 AM writes: "Is it that you feel human beings are not capable of doing such things?"It's rather a simple matter of science and theology. There is no empirical evidence supporting the major claims and the theology associated with it is a form of idolatry.anon 1:54 AM writes: "Or is that Germans/European Christians did such things and that is too disturbing to consider?European Nazis–Nazism being mutually exclusive from, and, in fact, antithetical to Christianity–are the accused.anon 1:54 AM writes: "One would think that since the 'Judaics' are so evil…these attempts to rid the world of this evil should be celebrated and honored rather than denied to the point that makes the deniers seem really foolish?According to genocidal rabbinic Judaism and its counterpart, Nazism, this reasoning may be consistent, but it is repugnant to Christianity and right reason. The real evil is the ideology of Judaism and its subsets, not a so-called 'race' of so-called 'Jews.'

  19. Anonymous Says:

    "there is no empirical evidence"The Nazi documentation is overwhelming empirical evidence for one…or did they make it all up…?

  20. Maurice Pinay Says:

    You appear to be confused as to what constitutes empirical evidence. Documents can't be empirical evidence of a murder unless they were themselves somehow directly involved in the murder, for instance, if they were used to choke a person. Empirical evidence of a murder primarily would be in the form of a corpse and a murder weapon; that which is entirely lacking in relation to the core claims of "Holocaust" believers; those having to do with mass murder in gas chambers. As to these Nazi documents you appeal to, which of them mentions millions or even thousands of 'Jews' being killed in gas chambers?

  21. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Now, since it's highly unlikely you will be able to produce what no other researcher has been able to, namely, Nazi documents that specifically mention mass murder of 'Jews' by gassing, let us turn to your beliefs.Have you considered how the extreme paranoia and victim mentality passed by the rabbis to their followers through the ages may have contributed to the formation of the official 'Holocaust" narrative as it has come to be? For instance, do you believe the outrageous tales of victimhood in Talmud Gittin which have it that the Romans killed 4 billion Jews in one city and wrapped 16 million Jewish children in scrolls and burned them? For reasons that should be obvious, I do not Nor do I believe in the 'antisemitism' spectre constantly maintained by Judaic power organization in times and places such as the 21st century U.S. where 'Jews' enjoy unprecedented wealth, power and acceptance. It's paranoid delusion then as it is now and the source of this paranoid delusion is the teachings and culture of the religion of Judaism.

  22. Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky Says:

    B"HAnd the number tattooed on my grandmother's hand is also part of the grand holocaust conspiracy, right?Thanks for clarifying that Maurice I'm going to call her and demand she confess to me how much the ZOG conspiracy leaders paid her to tattoo the number on her hand and retell her "holocaust hoax" story to us.

  23. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Baruch Yeshua Ha Mashiach.Mr. Sokolovsky, if what you say is true (unfortunately, Talmudists don't merit the benefit of the doubt, Baba Kamma 113a) you should give thanks to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that your grandmother survived WWII. Her tattoo, if she indeed has one, may well be evidence of internment in a concentration camp, but her survival would only strengthen the case against the existence of homicidal gas chambers in 'death camps.' There are many survivors of the alleged 'death camps,' in fact, as the people who handle 'Holocaust' reparations payments can attest.

  24. Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky Says:

    B"HIf you would apply same standards to the historicity of the stories in the gospels that you apply to holocaust your faith would much more so lack historical foundation…In fact some of your Vatican approved scholars are forced to admit that Christian mysteries and dogmas such as virgin birth, resurrection, davidic ancestry of Jesus etc. do in fact lack historical foundation and as far as a thinking person is concerned are nothing more than educational metaphors.Here is a correspondence between a Jewish professor and Vatican (including scans of the original letters) that prove this point:'d like to conclude this comment with two quotes:"What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!"Pope Leo XAnd another one from the gospel of Luke 6:4How can you think of saying, 'Friend, let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,' when you can't see past the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye.

  25. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Baruch Yeshua Ha Mashiach.Mr. Sokolovsky, if the same scrutiny that Christianity has endured for the past 60 years was leveled at rabbinic Judaism it would be laughed into oblivion in a fortnight. That quote attributed to Leo X, that Kabbalah-deluded scoundrel, is a phony. But I can play at that game myself, how's this?:"There's no business like Shoah Business." Tzadik of Holocaustolatry, Elie Weisel

  26. Anonymous Says:

    What phrase…

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