"Judaism Discovered" ON SALE NOW!

“Judaism Discovered” ON SALE NOW!


One Response to “"Judaism Discovered" ON SALE NOW!”

  1. brianakira Says:

    I don't think it matters that much here whether Hoffman is correct in his understanding of the Roman church or Christianity in general. This is an ad hominem distraction. If Hoffmann is a sincere Roman Catholic, then I respectfully say that he misunderstands what the Christian Church is, but what difference does that make when reviewing his book? What matters here is: Is he correct in his exposition of Talmudism?

    Regarding his understanding of Christianity, all that matters there is whether he is sincere, honest. In other words, say — for argument's sake — that you believe that the office of "Pope" is un-Christian, and say that Hoffman defends the Papacy. Okay, then —
    disagree on that theological point. But from interviews, I understand that Hoffmann's main motive is not to criticize Judaism per se (although he makes it clear that he disagrees with Judaism) but rather to Reveal or Expose what Talmudists really believe, since the subject is often covered with deceit.

    For example, if a Shintoist argued that Shinto beliefs are compatable with Christianity, you could have a respectful argument, point out errors, ask for explanations, and so on. However, if they were to state "Jesus was Japanese" or Samurai were opposed to suicide, then you would be dealing with a liar or madman or ignoramus.

    Similarly, Hoffmann's argument is not about whether tradition has any place in Jewish or Christian theology or practices, or whether Christ is God the Son or not, or who is "right", Christians or Jews (etc). His main concern is that many so-called Christians (and Jews!) are effectively apostate, and have more respect for the words of some rabbis than they they do for the Word of Christ, and are ignorant about the Talmud, and many Rabbis lie about it. They also lie about the New Testament, saying, e.g. that Jesus was "Jewish" in the same way that Netanyahu or Soros or the nation-state of Israel are "Jewish".

    All this talk about the Papacy or beads etc. is basically irrelevant here. One person believes that the Papacy is valid, another says it's Antichrist. So debate, whatever.
    Hoffman's concern is that most understanding and discussion about Judaism is so ignorant and deceitful, it's the equivalent of a Christian trying to tell you that Jesus Christ said "blessed are the abortionists." He's saying that at the very least Christians should know that the Talmud teach that Christ is boiling forever in shit and semen and that Mary was a bloody adulterous whore. That's what's in the Talmud, and people are free to believe in such filthy blasphemy (BTW, I'm sure that over 90% of Jews are also unaware of that), but don't then lie about it and pretend there's such a ridiculous thing as "Judeo-Christianity".

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