From Yad Vashem to Your Child’s Mind via ‘Catholic’ ‘Education’

This should be read in tandem with THIS, THIS, and THIS.

Catholic students create Holocaust memorial exhibit

Jordan J. Hay – Jewish Tribune

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

TORONTO – A group of about 100 students from Toronto’s Neil McNeil Catholic Secondary School created a Holocaust memorial exhibit in school this year. The project, conceived and administered by Art and English teacher Mary Capin, consists of original artwork and poetry by students aged 14-18.

Capin, who studied Holocaust studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, feels educating students on the Holocaust is vital, “because they don’t always know.”

All of Capin’s students participated over a three-week period, either by creating a piece of mixed-media art inspired by actual Holocaust-era photographs or by composing a poem inspired by their classmate’s artwork. The one-day exhibit was held in the McNeil gymnasium.

“They were very focused on this; they took it very seriously. I told them, ‘This is not to be rushed; this is an important assignment,’” said Capin.

The display was divided into seven time-sequenced sections – Boycott of Jewish Businesses, Nuremberg Race Laws, Labelling, Ghettos, Deportation, Concentration Camps and The Final Solution – with each depicting works showcasing student’s perspectives of each category.

Capin believes similar projects should be mandatory in all school systems, citing the importance of teaching non-violence and tolerance to youth.

“They’ve become desensitized to violence; it’s disturbing. They lose the sense of humanity and human connection,” said Capin.

“These kids are being moved by it; a lot of them didn’t know,” she added.

While the exhibit is no longer on display, Capin hopes to find it a permanent home and to present the works during Holocaust Education Week in November.


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