Expelled SSPX Priest, Fr Abrahamowicz Interviewed

An excerpt:

S.H.: Of your public statements regarding the Holocaust controversy, what caused the most problems? Why?

Fr. A.: My fellow-priests agreed with all that I said in my interview with the Tribuna de Trevise. But no one imagined the media effect it would produce. So it was the very fact of publicly attacking the Jews which made my confreres and superiors tremble and then shook their friendship. Touching the new Messiah, i.e. criticising Zionist policy, is the ultimate lèse-majesté. At present the Vatican is bowing down before the Zionist reign. So the Society, by entering into friendship with Ratzinger’s Vatican ought to sacrifice to the gods. Once the Vatican, by its spokesman Lombardi, had distanced itself from Fr Abrahamowicz, the Society went one better: it expelled its life-member, declaring that the statements made by the expelled priest gravely damaged the Society’s image in the service of the Church. But which church?

S.H.: What about Bishop Williamson? What do you think about what has happened to him?

Fr. A.: Bishop Williamson has not been expelled; he has been dismissed from his position and his observations about the technical aspects of gas chambers were scathingly criticised by his confreres in the priesthood and in the episcopate. He has been reduced to silence by his superior, Mgr Fellay. In order to avoid saying that it is forbidden to touch the new Messiah, the affair has been classified as a “historical question”, falling outside the competence of a bishop. Is that really why he is no longer allowed to exercise his ministry?

Full interview here:

True restoration: Interview with Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz in Paris (English Version)

As I have said before, the policy of Bp. Fellay noted by Fr. Abrahamowicz (in italics above) is remarkable. Bp. Fellay seems to have contrived a compulsory dispensation from speaking against a grave threat to the faith; from doing what priests and bishops are obligated to do. ‘The Holocaust’ is not a mere historical matter as Bp. Fellay says. It has become a matter of theology and religious observance, as documented HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and it threatens our core beliefs at least as much as the theological errors of Vatican II.


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