Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein on Traditional Catholicism

“There still is resistance to the new teachings in some traditional Catholic circles, still much work to be done to erase old ideas.” (Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, “The Catholic Church and the Jews,” Cross-Currents, July 3, 2009)


Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein is director of Interfaith Affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Holocaustolatry* [see footnote]. He holds a chair at Loyola Law School where he teaches Talmudic Law and Ethics, no-doubt, the Noahide version, with emphasis on ‘Holocaust’ guilt.

In late January 2009, Rabbi Adlerstein, appealing to Zionist propaganda, attempted to associate the SSPX and the medieval Catholic Church with terrorism writing: “the entire network of the Society of Saint Pius X are vocal enthusiasts of a medieval religious anti-Semitism that gives the Islamist imams in Pakistan some serious competition.”


Those who think outside of the Zionist television box will know that Rabbi Adlerstein’s smear is in reality quite weak. There is no competition for the ‘holy’ racist terrorism of counterfeit Israel which was taking place at the very time that Adlerstein penned his anti-Catholic terrorism-association smear. See:

Israelis told to fight ‘holy war’ in Gaza

It seems that hypocrisy, double standards, obfuscation and projection are defining traits of Rabbi Adlerstein, which is no surprise as these are defining traits of his religion, Orthodox Judaism.

Such shame that Rabbi Adlerstein and the Wiesenthal center of Holocaustolatry were successful in coercing the ‘cleansing’ of SSPX websites and bookstores and pressuring ‘cleasing’ of the traditional liturgy of the Church even as the rabbi admits the anti-Christian anti-humanity contents of his Talmud and rouses ‘Jews’ not to cleanse these hateful texts and traditions, but to defend them. See:

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein Rouses Talmud Apologists

If only there were some Catholics who would defend the truth as strongly as Rabbi Adlerstein defends his lies.

Footnote: The ‘Holocaust’-centered idolatry of the Wiesenthal Center is plain in the quote from its founder: “When each of us comes before the Six Million, we will be asked what we did with our lives.” (Simon Wiesenthal as quoted in Wiesenthal Center magazine, Response, Vol. 20, No. 1) Needless to say, it’s not ‘the six million’ that Wiesenthal and his comrades must face in judgment. What kind of Catholic would not correct this pitiful delusion, but instead make changes to Catholic liturgy and teaching to accommodate those who propagate it?

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