James von Brunn: The Shimon ben Yohai of "The White Race, " and His Contribution to Holocaustolatry

Manchurian candidate, James von Brunn has prepared the altar. Now comes the procession of bishops to incense the idol of Holocaustolatry, once again. The liturgical season of “The Holocaust” never ends.

James von Brunn, like the rabbis, is an anti-Christian racial determinist. He’s mentally programmed to behave in an anti-Christian rabbinic manner. Like the rabbis, who teach that “Amalek” is a genetically programmed enemy of “The Jews” and cannot be reasoned with and therefore must be killed, HERE, HERE, and HERE, so does James von Brunn believe that “The Jews” are genetically programmed enemies of “The White Race” and cannot be reasoned with and therefore must be killed, HERE (scroll to bottom). In essence, there is no difference between James von Brunn and Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai who he paraphrased in the title of his book, Kill the Best Gentiles. But one of these race haters is sainted while the other will live in infamy in accordance with the crazy double-standards of this crazy, racist world, which the bishops honor above all.

And here is Cardinal George sanctifying the “hallowed space” of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and calling for more “education” against every kind of bias (except pro-Judaic bias, of course). No, Cardinal George, the world needs the Gospel, the teachings of Jesus Christ which your elder brothers are attempting to destroy with their “education” and Holocaustolatry.

Cardinal calls shooting at US Holocaust museum ‘appalling’

Friday 12 June 2009

WASHINGTON (CNS) – The president of the United States bishops’ conference called the June 10 shooting at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum that left a security guard dead “appalling”.

James von Brunn, identified as an 88-year-old Holocaust denier and white supremacist, opened fire in the Washington museum and fatally shot guard Stephen Johns, 39, according to The Associated Press.

The shooting “was a deplorable act of violence and a violation of a hallowed space in our nation’s capital,” said Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago in a statement released June 11 by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington.

“This tragic incident only serves to reinforce the need for continued education throughout society against bias of every kind, but most especially racial and religious prejudice,” he said.

In a separate statement Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl of Washington said June 11 the murder was “particularly distressing given the museum’s special mission to educate our world about violence and be a living reminder of the harm that comes from hatred and anger.”

“It is our prayer that Mr. Johns rest in God’s eternal embrace and that this loss be a call to each of us for a renewed commitment to building a world of peace and respect for all people,” Archbishop Wuerl said.

The archdiocese collaborates with the museum, the bishops’ conference and other groups each year to train Catholic school educators to teach their students about anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, prejudice and Catholic-Jewish relations.

In his statement Cardinal George said that that “by preserving the memory of the 6 million Jews who died in the Shoah, the museum speaks to the consciences of all who pass through its doors and hear the powerful stories of the innocent men, women and children who lost their lives at the hands of a criminal regime.”

He noted that annually millions of the visitors to the museum “learn of the dangers of unchecked hatred and of the need to prevent genocide wherever it threatens.”

The cardinal, on behalf of the U.S. bishops, offered condolences to the Johns family and said the Catholic leaders are “committed to promoting human dignity and interreligious peace throughout our nation.”

“We echo the words of Pope Benedict XVI: ‘May the Shoah be a warning for all against forgetfulness, denial or reductionism, because violence committed against one single human being is violence against all,'” he said.


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