Reality Check: Alan Keyes

“Pro-life” Alan Keyes pictured with “Israel” “Defense” Force abortionists at a Gaza checkpoint during his 2002 trip to counterfeit Israel where he received an “Award of Appreciation” from the Israeli government for his arrant support for Zionist policy in every detail. From his days at Harvard where he was a roommate of Zioloon Bill Kristol, through the Israeli massacres in Lebanon, Jenin, Gaza, et al, to the present, “pro-life” Alan Keyes has never uttered a single word against Zionist brutality. Indeed, he’s been an unflinching apologist for pro-death “Israel” through it all.

Israel is today, as Israel has always been, a sign of hope that God’s children can seek to be pleasing in His sight. Israel is today, as Israel has always been, hateful in the eyes of those whose neck is stiff, and whose heart is filled with hate and falsehood. Until it shall please God to make the land of His special favor a pleasing sight to all the nations, may it please Him to continue to give all Americans the eyes to see in Israel, as is truly the case, a beacon of justice, courage, and truth. My prayers, my heart, are with the brave people of Israel.” (Alan Keyes’ letter to Mesora)

One Response to “Reality Check: Alan Keyes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm really late to this party, but thank you anyway. Better late than never! Just goes to show you that most all opposition (especially if it has any monetary backing AT ALL) is controlled.

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