Catholic Dogma Denier Hans Küng Clings Fast to "Holocaust" Dogma

Hans Küng believes there’s room in the Church for those who deny the divinity of Christ and a host of other dogmas, as he does, but that there’s no room in the Church for “Holocaust denial:”

“I don’t think a Holocaust denier can stay in the Catholic Church, no. The murder of six million human beings, Jews, is the biggest crime in the history of humanity …” (“Küng: Catholicism heading back to Middle-Ages,” Euronews, April 7, 2009)

It follows logically then, since Küng rejects Jesus’ divinity, that to him, the crucifixion of Jesus at Calvary wasn’t the greatest crime in history. In Küng’s universe, Jesus was only one Jew; his crucifixion a relatively minor crime compared to the “Holocaust of 6 million Jews.”

The modernist path of “tolerance” is leading us towards “Noahide” tyranny.


Hans Kung, Pied Noahide Piper


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