Purim-Shpiel 2009

“…whereas it was turned to the contrary, that the Jews had rule over them that hated them.”

The Shock and Awe campaign against Bishop Williamson and “Holocaust denial” which the rabbis whipped the mob into beginning January 21st was called off by Israeli Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen at the Vatican on March 12th, the day after Purim. He said, “This was not just another meeting. This was a special experience, a turning point, the end of a crisis …” (“Rabbis after pope meeting: Crisis over,” Lisa Palmeri-Billig, Jerusalem Post, March 12, 2009)


When Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen said that his visit to the Vatican of March 11-12 (March 10-11 being Purim) marked a “turning point,” he was alluding to the very essence of Purim itself–venahafoch hu–the turning around of circumstances; the “hippuch” or reversal of roles in the book of Esther.

But this is the story of Esther according to the lunatic rabbis where “Holocaust denial” is equated with complete annihilation. In Purim Shpiel 2009 Bishop Williamson was thrust into the role of Haman, Benedict XVI played King Ahasuerus and Rabbis Shear Yashuv Cohen and David Rosen were cast as Mordechai. “Holocaust Denial” served as the gallows pole which was turned from an instrument of “persecution” of “The Jews” into the instrument for Bishop Williamson and like-minded individuals to be hung from.

Indeed, the “threat” of “Holocaust denial” was turned around and made a “blessing.” The pope decreed that “Holocaust denial” is unacceptable and he exalted the “Holocaust” idol as never before. Numerous bishops proclaimed that it’s not possible to be Catholic if one “denies” “The Holocaust.” Bishop Williamson’s position as educator was terminated while “Holocaust studies” in Catholic schools received a huge boost. Rabbi Rosen said, “I hope a recommendation (from the pope on Holocaust studies in Catholic schools) will come out of this latest crisis. That will be a silver lining to the cloud.” (“Jews ask pope for Holocaust studies in schools,” Philip Pullella, Reuters, March 12, 2009)


And note that as King Ahasuerus rewarded Mordechai, so did Benedict reward the rabbis with thanks and praises, even while scorning Catholics:

“I was saddened by the fact that even Catholics who, after all, might have had a better knowledge of the situation, thought they had to attack me with open hostility. Precisely for this reason I thank all the more our Jewish friends, who quickly helped to clear up the misunderstanding and to restore the atmosphere of friendship and trust which – as in the days of Pope John Paul II – has also existed throughout my pontificate and, thank God, continues to exist. (“LETTER ON REMISSION OF EXCOMMUNICATION LEFEBVRE BISHOPS,” Benedict XVI, March 10, 2009)


This statement from the pope is bizarre given that his “Jewish” friends are on record as the ones who created the chaos and who only decided to end it on Purim after they’d received every concession they could have dreamed of.

I don’t take it as a coincidence that this reversal of events came on Purim any more than it was a coincidence that the 1991 attack against Iraq ended on Purim or that the 2003 attack on Iraq began, in the words of George Bush’s speech writers, “at a time of our choosing” which just happened to be Purim.

This 2009 Purim-Shpiel psychodrama/production perpetuated the hester panim gnosis deconstructed in Judaism Discovered which teaches that Judaism needs a certain amount of persecution for it’s own advancement; it needs both Mordechai and Haman. Where persecution doesn’t exist the illusion of persecution is created.

The notion that one bishop’s non-acceptance of certain elements of received “Holocaust” lore could lead to genocide is patent idiocy, but through this and similar ruses the rabbis have maintained their control over ‘klal Israel” and, with the assistance of the pope and bishops, managed to advance their assault on Christianity.

“The tree [Haman] had prepared for Mordechai’s hanging became his own gallows, and so on throughout the Megillah. It was Haman, more than Esther, who destroyed Haman … on Purim, we rise above the limited reach of our understanding, and for a brief moment we perceive that ‘blessed be Mordechai’ and its hippuch/its reversal, ‘cursed be Haman,’ are really one and the same.” (“Redemption by Reversal,” Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky)


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