The internet is saturated with advertisements for a movie, “The God Who Wasn’t There” which, “Irreverently lays out the case that Jesus Christ never existed.” Witness this advertisement on the same page as a news article which reports that Bishop Williamson’s doubts that Nazi homicidal gas chambers existed during W.W.II has “unleashed a torrent of anger and incredulity that spanned the globe,” a torrent of anger which so far has caused the annihilation of his reputation, the loss of his position as rector of a seminary (and likely any future position in education or spiritual direction), his expulsion from Argentina and possible extradition to face a kangaroo court in the Israeli proxy state of Germany where he would subsequently be thrown into a dungeon with the other “Holocaust deniers” along with murderers, rapists and thieves. This is only one small example of the unrelenting flagrant mauling of Christian belief by the same media that serves as a vehicle for the “Holocaust” Inquisition which is tolerated like a sugar pill by today’s “Christians.”


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