On Bishop Williamson’s Second Apology

Bishop Williamson has apologized again, inappropriately in my view, for the shock and awe campaign that has come as a response to his public expression of his thoughts on certain elements of “Holocaust” doctrine. In fact, the responsibility for the calamitous, altogether disconnected and disproportionate reaction of this past month lies squarely on the rabbis and Judaic power-brokers and their accomplices in governments, in the media, in the curia and in the parishes directly involved in it; a reaction which has all of the proportion and justice of the December 2008 Gaza massacre. I disagree with the suggestion that a few words spoken by the Bishop are the cause of all this. Let’s not validate the absurd notion that lynch-mob behavior is a normal or acceptable, inevitable response to controversy and that Catholics must tailor their words, nay, their thoughts, to forestall it.

What is most disconcerting about Bp. Williamson’s apology, however, is the closing line: “As the Holy Father has said, every act of unjust violence against one man hurts all mankind.” HERE

This is a clear reference to Benedict’s shameful Holocaust sermon of January 28th, 2008 where he proclaimed, “May the Shoah be for all a warning against forgetfulness, against denial or reductionism, because the violence against a single human being is violence against all.” HERE

I don’t care to speculate on the motivations behind Bp. Williamson’s adoption of Bendict’s foreign language from his recent “Holocaust” sermon [see footnote]. I am also bewildered by Bishop Fellay’s reported adoption of the “elder brothers” language on the lips of every crypto-rabbi in Rome today. This is not consistent with the SSPX message which has it that the society intends to bring Rome to Tradition. These statements, if taken at face value, indicate a new synthesis produced by this recent “Holocaust” debacle sending the SSPX off its stated course considerably.

If the price of admission into dialog with Rome on the errors of the Vatican II Council is adopting Rome’s strange language and ideas concerning the “elder brothers” it would seem to be a case of straining out a gnat while swallowing a camel in my estimation–not worth it; a deal the Archbishop would have scoffed at.

I warn that the rabbis would not be satisfied, nor do I believe that Rome would grant “full communion,” until “Rabbi Larry” and his cronies are preaching Holocaustolatry in SSPX schools and seminaries as they already do in Novus Ordo schools and seminaries HERE. Apologies from “Holocaust deniers” (who the rabbis, madmen that they are, place on par with the perpetrators of “The Holocaust”) are inconsequential. There is no forgiveness for them. The only acceptable reparation is that they be imprisoned, cast out, or otherwise silenced, but more importantly, that their followers subsequently be mindbombed with Holocaust dogma. Benedict’s elder brother, Rabbi Arthur Schneier proclaimed as much at the Vatican last week:

“… how can we but revolt at Holocaust-denial? Victims of the Holocaust have not given us the right to forgive the perpetrators nor the Holocaust deniers … we must transmit “never again” through Holocaust education to future generations …”

Pope and Pharisees Preach More Holocaustolatry

A spokesperson for Yad Vashem has stated the same in response to Bishop Williamson’s apology:

“The millions of Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust and the survivors who were persecuted are not waiting for [Bp. Williamson’s] apology,” said Iris Rosenberg, spokeswoman of the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. “If he is looking to repent, he needs to admit that he was wrong in denying the truth. This is much more important to the people he claims to lead.


What is important to Yad Vashem is not an apology from Bishop Williamson, but conforming the minds of his followers to “Holocaust” dogma, and Yad Vashem has many accomplices in Rome who have already made “Holocaust” dogma standard curriculum in Novus Ordo Catholic schools and seminaries. A true traditional Catholic alternative to their kosher schools and seminaries is not acceptable to them.

Have no doubt, as the Vatican currently stands, this is what “full communion” entails.

My prayers are with the SSPX leadership. I cannot imagine the pressure that’s upon them.

Footnote: Benedict stated, “violence committed against any one single human being is violence against all humanity. No man is an island, a well known poet once wrote.” That poet is Anglican priest, John Donne who was steeped in the Pantheism, Hermeticism, and Kabbalism of the Renaissance, but the concept Benedict draws on is actually founded in Babylonian Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 37a and applies only to “Jews:” “Whosoever destroys a single soul of Israel, scripture imputes [guilt] to him as if he had destroyed a complete world.” Contrary to what Talmud suggests, this idea is not found in biblical Scripture.


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