A Proper Defense of Pope Pius XII Against the "Holocaust" Inquisition

All books from establishment publishing houses purported to defend Pius XII against the false charges of the “Holocaust” Inquisition are woefully inadequate. Some of them do more harm than good. Rabbi Dalin, in typical rabbi style, lends his sponsorship to Pius XII in exchange for the opportunity to seed confusion related to the Herzl-Pius X meeting into the Catholic camp.

I had much time to spend reading last month and I read Professor Robert Faurisson’s book, Pope Pius XII’s Revisionism, very carefully. I highly recommend this book which tackles the matter of Pius XII’s W.W.II “silence” outside of the rigged framework that all the other books are locked into, i.e. “was Pius XII good for the ‘Jews’.” Professor Faurisson documents that Pius XII did indeed save many Judaic persons at great risk to himself and the Church, but this is only a minor part of the study. The book primarily focuses on the fact that during W.W.II, Pius XII was bombarded with outrageous atrocity propaganda and asked to condemn countless fabricated atrocities and that he was skeptical of much of it, and for good reason. I will say no more than this, other than to restate that this is the only book worth reading on the topic because it’s the only book that approaches the matter without deference to “Holocaust” dogmas. All of the other books take the claims of the “Holocaust” industry as Gospel and build their case upon that shoddy foundation.


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