Pope’s "Prophesy"

Any system based in fraud is destined for collapse. It’s no prophesy to say this. It’s a statement of fact. The pope and the rabbis’ “Judeo-Catholic relations” racket, which is based in massive fraud, will collapse just as surely as the fraud-based world economy.

Pope Had `Prophecy’ of Market Collapse in 1985, Tremonti Says

One Response to “Pope’s "Prophesy"”

  1. Steve in Vista Says:

    It is the same racket that protects the child molesters. One of the first things that Benediktos did was to put Archbishop Levada is charge of the CDF.

    Levada was widely known as a major protector and participant in the depravity of the priest-molesters.

    Faith and morals?

    It must be ecumenical dialogue with their elder brothers.

    It sure is NOT anything Catholic.

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