"Judaism Discovered" ON SALE NOW!

“Judaism Discovered” ON SALE NOW!


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  1. rev'd up Says:

    If what “anonymous” avers about Hoffman is true then it is only because it IS true. The Roman Catholic Church does have lots of “traditions” that are not traditional Catholicism. Their present notion that the Pope is their “Rock” is modernist phyco-babble “priestcraft.” The truth is modern “Trad” Catholics don’t “”follow the traditions of their elders” ie the Church Fathers, Sacred Tradition.” Instead they follow many of the traditions of their late medieval and Renaissance neoPlatonist Cabalists.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have read just about everything that Hoffman has published in the last 20 years and a lot of what he had committed to audio disk. My review of the book Judaism Discovered was disseminated onto Rense.com although I wont provide further identifying information about me here:

    Hoffman to my knowledge, has never admitted what Christian denomination he adheres to, if any. He only recently told us what ethnic stock he came from – he’s an American mutt. Hoffman recently wrote that Protestants consider his writing too Catholic and Catholics consider him too Protestant. Hoffman has been invited and has spoken to SSPX groups and more fundamentalist Protestant groups.

    I was baptized in the 1970’s by one of the only Catholic Priests in North America who was authorized by canonical exception to administer the sacraments in the Latin rite. I’ll buy you a dinner if you an figure out who he was. Yes you would call me a trad. Catholic.

    Catholic traditions such as saying the Rosary are not harmful or anti-bilbilical although they have no Biblical warrant. Ergo – even if you said Mary and Jesus ask that you say 1 rosary per day and more Sunday is not a harmful or anti-biblical statement.

    Should the Pope state that we must bow to the rabbis and believe that the apostles were spreading the Noahide laws to the masses – that is antibiblical and evil.

    Tradition is a wonderful thing and can be good and evil like anything. Hoffman is not anti-Cathilic – some of the biggest anti-catholics have neen Catholics – witness what happened to Fr. Charles Coughlin.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The following quote from his latest book appears on Michael Hoffman’s homepage at revisionisthistory.org: ” . . . Let me impart to you a great secret: whoever hates Judaics perpetuates the rule of the rabbis. This secret is documented and explained in my book.” People should keep that quote in the back of their minds when focusing on the actions of Benedict XVI. Look closely. The strategy is simple: Let the rabbis speak for themselves and what they really think will emerge. Their lack of charity and perpetual obstinancy brims to the surface in a conciliatory envirnonment. If you invite someone to a luncheon they become very conspicuous when they vomit on the table. Did anyone notice the reaction at the rabbinic “disapproval” over the beatification of Pius XII? It led to the Catholic League taking out a full page ad in support of Pius XII’s beatification in the NY Times of all places. And now the unspoken question, “How many Christians were saved by rabbis during the Bolshevik Revolution?” is a weapon in the Catholic arsenal. It need not be used (indeed, it’s power in potency is dramatic), but the rabbis gave it to us, because they misread Benedict XVI’s courtesy as obsequiousness (indeed, the judaics, in their egotistical pretentiousness, still think Nostra Aetate was a victory for them, when in reality it’s given them the opportunity to become even more conspicuous). Benedict XVI knows what’s in the Talmud. He has navigated the judeomasonic minefield of the Vatican Curia for decades. Benedict XVI is syncretizing the syncretizers. *** As a side note to all “Trad Catholics” — and I was one — in the Eastern Churches the sacraments are called “mysteries”; consequently, in the new rite of ordination when the bishop asks the candidate “do you vow to celebrate Christ’s mysteries” the sacraments are clearly being referred to. Peter and his successors have the power to bind and to loose. To suggest they can forgive sins but not alter rites and rubrics is indeed Talmudic. Don’t try to outthink the Church. The Church gave us the incorruptible bodies of saints and eucharistic miracles — you can’t outthink the mind of God or the will of the Holy Ghost (and neither can the rabbis as much as they might try).

  4. Maurice Pinay Says:

    The following quote from his latest book appears on Michael Hoffman’s homepage at revisionisthistory.org: ” . . . Let me impart to you a great secret: whoever hates Judaics perpetuates the rule of the rabbis. This secret is documented and explained in my book.” People should keep that quote in the back of their minds when focusing on the actions of Benedict XVI.


    Jesus didn’t risk scandalizing the minds of the “little ones” or even the Apostles with such intrigue as you suggest Benedict XVI is involved in. There is no Gospel example for such behavior. Jesus ate with Pharisees, but He did not allow them to teach their errors to the disciples. He confronted the Pharisees on their errors directly in front of the disciples risking stoning and eventually being crucified for doing so. Jesus told His Apostles to beware the doctrine of the Pharisees. Benedict invites the rabbis to teach their doctrine to the bishops and the little ones alike.

    Criticizing a person’s errors does not equate hate of the person. Jesus Christ criticized the errors of the Pharisees but He did not hate them and He did not wish to drive the people deeper into Pharisaic control as the logic in your application of the quote from Judaism Discovered would seem to suggest.

    Neither Is Michael Hoffman’s criticism of the anti-Bible traditions of the rabbis evidence of hatred of Judaic people.

    I do not hate Judaic people but I will continue to criticize the anti-Bible traditions of the rabbis, like Jesus did, and for the sake of the souls being led astray by the conciliar popes I pray that we may some day merit a pope who will follow Christ’s example in this regard.

  5. Michael Hoffman Says:

    I regret to say that I am not able to engage in any exchange with readers here at the Pinay blog due to intrusions of my personal life of late. However, as a one-time clarification, I will state that a footnote has been added to p. 221 in the forthcoming second edition of “Judaism Discovered” which should briefly clarify my position on what is claimed to be a Protestant doctrine, “sola Scriptura.” I will expand on that clarification here: Protestants have sought to establish a proprietary relationship with the interpretation of this bedrock Christian principle, upon which the Catholic Church is founded. Protestant interpretations can be faulty, but not the principle itself. “Sola Scriptura” is a kind of shorthand for the dictum that nothing a Christian believes can contradict the Bible. Certain self-appointed “super” Catholics who claim to speak for the Church, bring discredit to Catholicism when they imply or connote that Apostolic Tradition contradicts the Bible. Tradition that does not contradict Scripture is indeed valid (2 Thess. 2:15). Any tradition which runs counter to Scripture however, is indeed null and void. This is sola Scriptura in its true and unobscured form, whether applied to rabbinic, Protestant or Catholic traditions. For example, the Protestant tradition has it that one cannot ask Mary to intercede with Jesus. But John 2: 1-11 says otherwise. By the same token there is an unauthorized prayer (i.e. absent an imprimatur) used in some Catholic churches, which reads, “For, if thou protect me, dear Mother, I fear nothing…nor even from Jesus, my Judge Himself…(“Novena Devotions in Honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,” p. 18). This connotes or implies a detraction from Jesus as Supreme Judge. Fear of God is a virtue. His mercy and goodness are paramount. The wording of this Novena prayer is unfortunate in that it suggests that Mary has greater power than God. Any notion that because a prayer or tradition is used in a church it is automatically consonant with the Word of God is clearly faulty. Tradition that contradicts the Word of God has no place in the Church. In my view, sola Scriptura is an abbreviated description of an over-arching principle that calls for a proper and mandatory test of traditions, not a nullification of all traditions, since as alluded to in the citation from Thessalonians, there are indeed traditions of the ecclesia that are founded in and derived from the Word of God. To hint that there is something suspect about being vigilant in distinguishing between the two kinds of tradition, reflects the mind not of the Church, but of Churchianity — the corrupt bureaucracy that brought us the sale of indulgences in the 16th century and the suppression of the Tridentine Mass in the 20th.

    –Michael Hoffman

  6. rev'd up Says:

    A 2 1/2 hour lecture featuring E. Michael Jones and Israel Shamir. Hoffman's new book is brought up in Jones' Q&A (about 1 hour in).


  7. Steve in Vista Says:

    I was baptized in 1950. The only reason I mention that is it is before “trad” Catholics existed. There was only one Catholic Church then and Novus Ordo hadn’t been foisted on the Church yet and tradition simply meant what it had for 2,000 years – adherence to Apostolic teaching. Nothing in the Church Fathers can contradict Church teaching from the Apostles. Inclusion in the Church Fathers is based on the following (this is from Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, S.J. – “The Antichrist” page 62.): “First, the writer or teacher of Catholic Faith and morals had to persevere unto death in a life of orthodox communion with the Church. Second, that life had to be eminent for sanctity. … The teacher must enjoy a certain antiquity (looked at from the present day)…he could enjoy citation by a General Council:….” The last is a good example of Catholicity. In the 1950 Catholic Dictionary the four marks of the Fathers are: Antiquity (the first millenium) and Orthodoxy and Sanctity and Catholicity. Fr. Miceli’s definitions are very to the point. The 1950 Catholic Dictionary also adds, concerning Antiquity that St. Gregory the Great (604 A.D.) and St. Isadore of Seville (636 A.D.) are the last in the West and St. John Damascene (8th Century) is the last in the East. The Doctors of the Church include certain of the Church Fathers and also St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Robert Bellarmine and the first of the modern (5 centuries before ‘Vatican II’) Doctors namely St. Francis de Sales. The faith exposited by all of these has everything to do with the Apostles and the Scriptural record of God’s revelation to us, that is the Holy Bible; and has nothing to do with Apostate Judaism, Gnosticism, Arianism, Modernism, Freemasonry, Paganism – especially idolatry (see the Book of Wisdom for a condemnation thereof), Magic, Sorcery, Mohammedan heresy, Vatican II, synchretism with non-Christian religion, Evolution, Pantheism, Monism and any and every other form of Apostasy and blasphemy.

    Therefore the correct identification of a Catholic is in keeping with the faith exhibited by the Fathers and Doctors and not a label such as “trad”, as if it were only one version as opposed to another – namely the Novus Ordo. I am a Catholic not a “trad” and certainly not a Novus Ordo Apostate, which I have nothing to do with. My point is that the true faith is unchanged throughout the centuries and if certain very good modern writers such as Mr. Hoffman do not allow themselves to be pigeon-holed by ghetto-izing terms like “trad” — very good.

    Let us all confess the Catholic faith and not be mislead by the Freemasonic imitation vomited forth by “Vatican II”.

    God bless the remnant, which is the Church.

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