Benedict’s Zionist Easter "Convert" Attempts Resuscitation of "Islamofascist Threat" for U.S. Presidential Election

Benedict’s Zionist Easter “convert” Magdi Allam is back for the U.S. presidential election attempting to resuscitate the dying “Islamofascist threat” bogeyman here:

Magdi Allam is certified kosher by the Zionist psychopath instigator of the Iraq war, Michael Ledeen:

Magdi Allam’s wife Valentina Colombo is associated with Michael Ledeen through a Zionist think tank called I.S.I.S.

More on Magdi Allam here:

Further Background on Benedict’s Easter Muslim Convert Charade

More on Benedict’s Easter Baptism Spectacle

Benedict’s Easter “Muslim” Convert is a Zionist, Holocaustolator Zealot

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