Has Your Newspaper Put a Hate DVD On Your Front Porch?

While scholarly analysis of rabbinic Judaism is cast to the fringe by the establishment in the West, the same establishment facilitates unrelenting propaganda, ridicule and hatred against Christianity and Islam. Always the double standard.


Has Your Newspaper Put a Hate DVD On Your Front Porch?

This DVD was financed by the Jerusalem-based organization “Aish haTorah” (see:Aish HaTalmud), was produced by a Rabbi Raphael Shore and is being distributed in massive quantities in swing states throughout the U.S. during an election year in a transparent attempt to influence already rabidly pro-“Israel” and anti-Arab U.S. politics to become even more so.

Watch the following video from 4:00 onward:

Rabbi Raphael Shore, Jacob Fetman, and Rabbi Henry Harris who are behind this DVD should be challenged to a debate on the question: Orthodox Judaism or Islam, Which Poses a Greater Threat to Humanity?


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