777 Once Again

Dow drops 777 points on eve of Rosh Hashana in the midst of financial “shock and awe.” See:

Dow Sinks 777 Points As Bailout Plan Fails

For Feinstein, the roller-coaster ride began the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 19, when she and about 40 other senators got on a conference call with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who served up a financial version of shock and awe. The shock: “A dire scenario in very strong language,” Feinstein said. ” ‘Meltdown.’ ‘Market failure.’ ‘Nothing like it in the history of our nation.’ ” The awe: the infamous, initial three-page “simple and broad” administration plan for a $700 billion bailout. (“Feinstein wary of rush to financial bailout,” Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, September 28, 2008)


“In the face of such an emergency, Washington has responded with financial shock and awe – a big plan with a big price tag, the most far-reaching intervention in the economy since the days of the New Deal.” (“Bailout’s main leverage is psychological,” Sam Zuckerman, San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, September 29, 2008)


Forgive me for not seeing a coincidence here since 777 represents the kabbalistic “flaming sword” or “descent of the shekinah” HERE.

Time precludes a detailed exposition of this, but for researchers I offer a few clues. The Kabbalistic myth of Rosh Hashanna has it that it was the day Adam was created a hermaphrodite. In racist Judaism it is taught that only “Jews” are “Adam” (meaning full human beings), “Israel” = “Adam”. The fall, again according to Judaism, has the hermaphrodite Adam being split into male and female on Rosh Hashana–“the fall”. This cataclysm also accounts for the existence of Gentiles in the world who would not have ever existed if it were not for Adam’s “fall.” There is good news, however. At the end of days the second Adam, or “Mosiach” will be restored to the form of the first Adam: “Shekinah” reunited with the “small face,” a hermaphrodite one again, and then, when nature is “perfected” in this way, and the “mistakes” of creation are “repaired,” there will be no more Gentiles in the world clinging to “Klal Israel.”

It seems the rabbis once again have that messianic feeling and are saying that the Gentile-smashing “Mosiach” is coming and “Klal Israel” will be reunited with the “Shekinah.” Now, I don’t believe for a minute that any of this is supernaturally orchestrated. When you control markets you can make them close at any number you choose. And Kabbalah teaches that “Klal Israel” are to take active part in bringing about the “redemption,” after all.

But don’t take my word. I’m just relaying what the rabbis say:

The Original Human State

You may recall that the U.S. military, at the behest of the neocons in Washington, brought Shekinah … I mean, shock and awe to Iraq on Purim in 2003 HERE.

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