USCCB Still Foisting Shoah Business on Catholics

Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl discusses the Holocaust during an Aug. 7 address to Catholic educators participating in the Bearing Witness program, a summer institute sponsored by the Washington office of the Anti-Defamation League in partnership with the Archdiocese of Washington and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. At right are Rosemary Regan and Malcolm McCluskey, religion teachers from Elizabeth Seton High School in Bladensburg. The ADL also cooperated with the National Catholic Educational Association and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to provide the summer institute to educators.

Wouldn’t it be something to see the USCCB organizing programs for Catholics to preach in the yeshivas against the genocidal nature of Judaism and the crimes of genocidal Judaic Bolsheviks, Israelis and U.S.-based Zionists?

More on the ADL’s “Bearing Witness” program here:

Rabbis Preach Guilt in Catholic Schools

New Testament and Catholic Schools Processed by Talmudic Dialectics

Cardinal Keeler Honored by ADL


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