More on First Things’ "David Shushon"

This is a follow up to the last blog posting. Thanks to a reader who sent in this and other leads.

In Phillip Weiss’ essay on First Things contributor, “David Shushon” in which he makes the case for “Shushon” being a pseudonym of David P. Goldman, he mentions that Goldman works for Asteri Capital Partners.

CORRECTION: The Asteri Capital Ltd. that David P. Goldman works for is a hedge fund backed by Marc Rich’s commodity trading firm, Glencore.

Below is a link to a video(at approximately 5:00) of a man named David Goldman from an Asteri Capital appearing on MSNBC.

Market Drilldown
Market Drilldown

For what it’s worth, Lyndon LaRouche wrote about his old associate, David P. Goldman and explained why he gave him the boot in an essay which mentions a Goldman crony, Laurent Murawiec.

It seems that Laurent Murawiec, like Goldman is a player in The Great Game. He was invited by Richard Perle to brief the Pentagon Defense Policy Board in 2002 and is said to have explained to them that the U.S. must invade Saudi Arabia, confiscate their financial assets and take possession of their oil fields:

One Response to “More on First Things’ "David Shushon"”

  1. sheepdip1 Says:

    David P Goldman writes in today’s Asian Times under his own byline,

    In the concluding paragraph he states that Obama:

    “Barack Obama is the only man in town with a checkbook, and by virtue of the Treasury’s near-monopoly of financial power, will take office as the most powerful peacetime president in US history. Faced with the collapse of private pension, health care and financing systems, Obama will have every reason to use his mandate to socialize medicine, pensions and many other aspects of US economic life.”

    This slightly positive comment seems completely at odds with the writings published under the pseudonym Spengler. On the other hand, here’s a proven link between Goldman and the Asian Times.

    (I haven’t seen much else published by David P Goldman recently, so this also given any skilled exigetes a chance to do some literary style comparisons.)

    I’m gonna post this on Mondoweiss as well…

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