Son of Cain: A Phoenix Rising

John McCain has taken the Republican presidential nomination. This has occurred simultaneously with reports surfacing of McCain’s connection to the Bronfman crime syndicate via his marriage into the Hensley family.


McCain’s Career Financed by Mob Money

McCain fortune traced to organized crime

This is a Truth or Consequences dare. A sane populace would be outraged by the news that this “honest,” “Christian,” “hero” is in fact a mob-backed scoundrel. They would have been outraged at McCain’s patent obeisance to the Zionist state long ago. As president, this mob-backed beer merchant Zionist would make the Skull and Bones Zionist, George W. Bush look like a class act.

McCain means literally, Son of Cain. In the rabbinic tradition Cain is said to be the product of Eve copulating with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Cain’s son was Enoch of whom many occult traditions exist including an association with the Kabbalistic “angel” “Metatron.” Rabbinic tradition holds that Enoch/”Metatron” taught the “oral tradition” (i.e. Talmud, Kabbalah) and the “secrets” of the “written Torah” (i.e. Old Testament) to the prophets. “Metatron” is the “Knower of Secrets” according to the rabbis. The rabbis claim Enoch was “reborn” as “Metatron.” Time magazine (founded by Skull and Bones member, Henry Luce) likens John McCain to a Phoenix, a mythical bird which self-immolates and is reborn in a new form.

The U.S. is immolating and being “reborn” as a Talmudic/Zionist cesspool. This truth is being revealed to us. If we continue to offer no resistance to it we, rather than the Zionists, can expect to suffer the consequences.


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks at a press conference with Rev. John Hagee in San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008(AP.)


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