Cardinal Kasper Publicly Appeals to Jules Isaac

Walter Kasper speaking on Radio Vatikan, February 7, 2008, publicly states that he agrees with the “teaching of contempt” thesis of Jules Isaac whose seething contempt for Christianity saturates his strange books and whose zeal for altering Christian teachings and tradition is still unmatched.

Speaking of Benedict’s Latin prayer for the Jews, Kasper says:

“If the prayer speaks of the ‘conversion’ of the Jews, this does not mean we are embarking on a ‘mission’. As a matter of fact, the pope is quoting St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. In chapter 11, St. Paul tells us that we hope that when the fullness of the Gentiles shall come into the Church all Israel also shall be saved. It is an eschatological hope. This does not mean we are embarking on a mission: we must give witness to our faith, this is clear. But, I want to say this: in the past, such a language was often fraught with contempt, as Jules Isaac, a well-know Jew, rightly said. But, today, there is respect in the diversity which exists between us. Now there is respect and no longer contempt. (Cardinal Kasper, speaking on Radio Vatikan, February 7, 2008)

For those seeking to understand the mind of Vatican prelates in this area, I strongly recommend the reading of Jules Isaac’s, Jesus and Israel and/or Judaism and the Vatican,
by Vicomte Leon De Poncis which quotes Jules Isaac’s writings extensively. Therein you will come to understand the foundation of Judeo-Christian dialogue laid by Jules Isaac when he wrote Jesus and Israel in 1946 and immediately began organizing conferences between rabbis and priests sympathetic to his cause dedicated to changing Christian teaching and tradition to his specification.

Those who warn that there is a danger that a “precedent may be set” of organizations hostile to the faith bringing about changes in matters of Catholic faith are either woefully ignorant of the past, have no memory, or are intentionally misleading people.

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