This is Not Entertainment

The research and writing presented on this blog is not intended as entertainment for a small group of readers. This is an informative blog and it’s intended that the information be passed along. So far, this has not happened in any significant way. I have not asked for money. I don’t ask for recognition. I only expect that those who benefit from this blog promote it to others so that they may also benefit. I believe this is reasonable. This blog is an activist effort and it should be engendering the same in others.

If you’re content to have Catholic prelates continue to peddle the ignominious lie that the tradition of post-Temple rabbinic Judaism has something to do with Christianity, and to live with the catastrophic consequences of that lie put into practice, I recommend that you continue as you have–continue suppressing this blog and the information uncovered by it. Put your support behind the old “resistance” who’d have you believe that Benedict the “conservative” and his papal rabbi-knights are “cleaning house.”

This is not directed to the handful of individuals who have made efforts to promote this information. Each reader knows where they stand on the matter.


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