Benedict & JPII Offered Mass in Front of an Obelisk

Pope Benedict XVI, flanked by Archbishop Piero Marini, celebrates Palm Sunday Mass at the foot toe the ancient Egyptian obelisk in the center of St. Peter’s Square April 9, 2006.

John Paul II, celebrating Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s square on April 16th, 2000 in front of the Egyptian obelisk

The eight spokes (or double cross) emanating from the obelisk in St. Peter’s square likely represent the eight divisions of the solar calendar: solstices, equinoxes and quarter cross days. The obelisk originated in Heliopolis, Egypt, the home of the occult Hermetic tradition which St. Augustine preached against.

5 Responses to “Benedict & JPII Offered Mass in Front of an Obelisk”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    In looking thru some of your posts/rants, I can only say that you are your own worst enemy. The rants against God’s Chosen are so silly and vicious, that any fair-minded person sees right through them.

  2. Maurice Pinay Says:

    The rants against God’s Chosen …

    There aren’t any rants against God’s chosen people here. There is commentary on the ideology and behaviour of the self-chosen, however.

    The sillyness and viciousness is in the books and traditions of the self-chosen. Any fair minded person can recognize this.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Honi soit qui mal y pense, maurice

  4. Maurice Pinay Says:

    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Indeed. And shame on him who sees evil in religious relations with pharisees …

    The more outrageous the stunt, the more shame one should feel for questioning it.

  5. lynda Says:

    The photo ops in the pope suit with obelisk probably aren’t as bad as the subito santo’s photo op in his pope suit on the Mount where the Sermon on the Mount was preached. Who could forget the inverted cross hung there as a decoration by our ‘elder brothers in the faith’.

    Did you mark Benedict’s stole for the Feast of the Nativity 2007? All the crosses displayed a Roman gladius athwart them – and this was carried by CNN and every channel. This is probably some signal to his fellow Illuminists. Wonder what it portends.


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